Accord. A Chord.

OK, so to spin directly off of my last post….the immense power of creation (and destruction) available to humans.

I’ve been pondering this whole thing in listening to the Word books because some of their teaching is a bit difficult to get a handle on. But it seems that what they are saying is falling eerily in line with what I have been shown through my dreams, my strange waking experiences with different types of consciousness and meditation, and also what I am starting to experience in normal consciousness more and more through what apparently is their “vibration” with which they’ve imprinted the books. In reading the Mastery books available so far, the teachings become more “out there” for the brain to understand, but I think I’m finally starting to see what they are saying about the power of creation within the human consciousness.

There’s a bit where they are taking about war and how we will never be able to change the concept of war with the force of will. Where we need to change it is in our consciousness (creation of a thing), and understand that the collective consciousness is, indeed, a thing. And this is where the immense power of the human being can be put to use, by its focus. (And don’t even get me started on how this all relates to Óðinn because we’d be here all day!) So take the idea of war, and the idea of separation, a “lower energy” creation through the human consciousness, and imagine that our planetary system has been wrapped up in a matrix of “lower energies” and fear for two thousand years or so, most of which were created by us and then stick around as manifested energy that some people can actually see but most can’t because of our beliefs shaped in this lifetime and impressions written into our DNA from past lifetimes and our ancestors, and these beliefs shape what we actually can see or bring into being (this gets into the concept of thoughtforms, demons and some other esoteric shit.) So if our FORCE OF WILL cannot dismantle the matrix of fear and belief in our separateness and the subsequent mistreatment of others and reinforcement of fear, this change MUST come from within our consciousness. Here’s the thing: we do not have control over another person’s will. Not ever. But here’s another thing: our individual consciousness IS enough to create new thoughtforms, weave new matrix’s that are above fear, and where the matrix lifts above the vibration of fear, and fear does not exist there. So we are ded powerful, because we each contain the spark of the creator within us. And here’s the other thing: when one starts to weave a higher vibration into being, that song is felt and heard and begins to lift all things into the higher chord. Higher chord.

Man…if you knew how fecking much this relates to the Norse mythos….it is some cool ass shit!!!!! Sound waves. Ymir. Heimdallr. The rivers. The emanations.

So…many animistic belief systems believe that the worlds, seen and unseen, are created through songs, or sound waves. Many of these stories begin with the idea of two opposing energies (ice or mist and fire or heat) coming into contact to create an immense reaction (the big bang) from this life-creating environment (that I liken to yeast) and from this reaction many rivers or emanations or sound waves are made and this is what I think is like the One Source consciousness from which all other consciousness is derived from and is essentially a pantheistic belief, but I also believe that due to this, everything is conscious (containing life force or spirit) and this is an animistic belief. I also believe that different consciousnesses can be created by our thoughts, and thus, the ideas we have of godheads (gods, goddesses, demons, other spirits, etc.) are also unique consciousnesses themselves, and are reinforced and build in power through veneration or perpetuation. This idea falls into the realm of chaos magic, which is a complicated system to understand, but basically it uses belief as its main tool to create different experiential environments for the consciousness to explore. (Read Phil Hine’s “Condensed Chaos” or Peter J. Carroll’s “Liber Null & Psychonaut” for in-depth exploration of chaos magic.)

Because we are all containers of this immense power of creation, and are linked to the one power from which it stems, we can traverse the landscape of this world and unseen worlds by accessing the “body” of this power. In the Norse mythos, this is represented as the world-tree Yggdrasill. The name Yggdrasill means “Terrible Horse” and also “Odin-Horse” or Odin AS a horse, a centaur. Odin (Óðinn) is extremely complex, but as Yggdrasill, he is the tree itself, the consciousness that can “ride” it, and this refers to both the landscape of the person (microcosm) and the landscape of the cosmos (macrocosm) and thus, this tree can be accessed to traverse the “inner” world of the Self and witness the bigger “worlds” of the Norse pantheon (if you are using the tree in a Norse context), so Yggdrasill is both the landscape (the tree) AND the vehicle (the horse you ride). One of Odin’s functions is a representation of the human consciousness, and how it is one created from many. Another one is that of the shaman, or initiate, and psychopomp (one who travels into the realm of the dead.) Another of Odin’s mysteries is his role as a berserker, which is another lengthy exploration of an excitatory state of consciousness in order to achieve certain goals. Ugh, I wrote about all of this much more eloquently in a paper I did for my Scandinavian Myths class. Ok, so I could go on and on here, but read both The Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug and The Fire From Within by Carlos Castenada. Also, check out and check out some of the older and indigenous belief systems for some very beautiful stories of creation.

The Dreaming

My dreams since beginning the “I Am The Word” book series by Paul Selig have become intensely strange, different, visceral and sometimes too nebulous to even describe. Sometimes I can catch them in words, especially if I remember to use my dream recall oil, but most times they drift away in the ether. I ceased worrying about it because The Guides in the books describe some of this process as needing to come through the soul and not through the intellect. I have begun to try to let go of the need to intellectualize things, which is why making art, coloring, singing my spiritual songs, meditating and dancing have been so beneficial to me.

I have virtually stopped journeying as a regular part of my spiritual practice. I was getting all upset because my journeys seemed to just cease bringing any information and I was using that to berate myself as not being “spiritual enough” or whatever. It is kind of depressing that after having so many visceral and incredible journeys that they would suddenly just stop. So I began to reiterate to myself that some of this work is learning to trust, to have faith. And I’ve been clinging to that for some time now. In the Word books, The Guides speak to this idea that humans have about our spirituality and “enlightenment” and their comments about it are quite interesting. They say that when one is seeking enlightenment, they will not find it for it is only in “being” that it is so.

One of my last journeys with my Huginn and Muninn, where I asked them to show me the true nature of their opposing energies, or how to work with their energies, or something to that effect. Huginn means “The Thought”, and for me is Eagle, and is the higher realms, the cosmos and the power of ascension, creation, destruction and re-shaping from a “high” or “external” aspect, and Muninn means “The Memory” (ancestral memory) and for me is Komodo Dragon and is the deep earthly realms and made of the dead of all time and the memory of the soul of the earth itself, not just humans, but all things that ever manifested here and is the power of descension, creation, destruction and re-shaping from a deep, “internal” aspect. They both emerged from their realms and plunged me into the volcano Kīlauea as it was erupting (interestingly, the volcano was, in actuality, erupting at the that time!) and the message I understood was that the meeting of these two primal forces (the Spirit, the higher self, meeting or connecting with the earthly, manifested self, the “monad” that contains within it the power of creation, the creative spark, the “black sun”) has the ability to create an incredible amount of energy or force that can create new potential of anything within this amazing, explosive reaction. It can then be directed into anything you wish, any dream or project or whatever. And not just the stuff we know, the stuff that obeys the laws of physics, ok, but like, ANYTHING. Whatever way we dream the new world, it can be so. We just need to be brave enough, creative enough, to dream another reality. It can be created here. We are the spark of divinity that can bring this new world into being.

We need to start feeding a new dream.


At one of my altar sessions, I had called to my guides with some request or other, probably vague as I seem to have great difficulty in wording succinct questions, I shifted into another state of consciousness and I could see this great void of potential in front of me as I stood upon a precipice looking out over this great abyss. It was not merely visual, it was a full sensory experience. I felt as if I stood upon a gigantic mountain and looked out over the great ocean before me, and as if a small breeze might come along I could be blown over into a free fall into death. I sent out my deepest feeling of trust that I could in the face of this immense fear, and I felt it come to meet me. It met me at that high place of unknowing, and I felt as if I was unequivocally supported in my blindness of the Known. It was sort of like in Beetlejuice when the dead couple leave their known ghostly safety of their home, and step into the realm of the absolute ridiculous and bizarre. It is this trust that I have been trying to work with lately, finding it, trusting it. Trusting amid all the thousands of ill-formed questions in my mind that die in the air as I try to find voice for them. I do not even know what I want to know, or to ask, or how to ask. I am more lost and more found and more known and more unknown that I have ever been. I am in a state of daydream. And yet, all the while the daydream dreams, I am trying to stay grounded in the physical realm so that I do not engage in escapism, as I am so prone to. I realize how much what I attend to in the physical realm matters. I realize how well I attend to my body matters. I realize how well I focus on love, trust, creation, song, art, wonder and awe matters. It matters.

Forget all else, and create love. Create art. Create music. Create wonder. Create awe. Create joy. WITNESS it in all you see, in everyone you encounter. See their soul. Forget all else and do this now, for this is paramount to how we build our future. It begins with you. It begins with me. It begins WITHIN.

Above all, trust your inner voice. It is your soul singing you into the next thing.

Juan of God

My life has changed radically in these past weeks, months. It felt very subtle and difficult to describe for quite some time as I would do work and need to process the work, then finding no words to describe what is going on. Spiritual work is such an uncanny process, the more I go along, the more is happening and yet, the less I can describe. All I know is, I am changed. I am being re-made. All the time, I’m being re-written. Old stuck patterns have released, I can see now more clearly where the work needs to find its way inside me, and miraculously, I have begun to disengage myself from the webs of old ways that have kept me small and not in my power and find the new threads to begin weaving new possibilities.

Most of what I’m working on, I cannot speak or write about on public media or with any others than those in my group. Nor do I desire to, as I feel like it diminishes the power and focus of the work, and in some cases, might even blaspheme it. I will share that embedded in the group work, I was blessed with a healing that held me in a soft glow for some time after, then I seemed to plummet into sadness for a time, and now I have begun to soar on higher winds. The emotions of such work are kind of a constant wave of deep gratitude, profound and limitless beauty and love, and deep wells of complex painful emotions that I am learning to navigate with grace and less resistance, as they are also part of this intense wonder and beauty.

I may choose to close down this blog at some point. Part of any spiritual work is learning how to cut away that which we cling to, that which is extraneous and/or burdensome. This is a big deal for me because I do hang onto stuff. Lots of stuff. Mostly physical stuff that is like a great weight on my shoulders. So, I’ve slowly been trying to assess what I am ready to let go of, what I could if needed but is rather handy (like old clothes that are too worn out to donate, but are still useful seasonally), and what things I would like to cultivate. I’m not trying to rush this process, and I definitely still fall into sloth quite a bit as I avoid these tasks, or come at them from a place of willfulness.

This journey, it is just beginning.

The Forgetting

I just sat down to write. I logged in, clicked Blog Posts, then read a draft that I thought I would go ahead and post, posted it, and have promptly forgotten what I came to write. I forget a lot of things. It is starting to concern me, how much I forget things. Now it seems, I have an empty mind. When I sat down, it felt so full I needed to unload it. Unpack the burdening bits. Now they have flown away.