At one of my altar sessions, I had called to my guides with some request or other, probably vague as I seem to have great difficulty in wording succinct questions, I shifted into another state of consciousness and I could see this great void of potential in front of me as I stood upon a precipice looking out over this great abyss. It was not merely visual, it was a full sensory experience. I felt as if I stood upon a gigantic mountain and looked out over the great ocean before me, and as if a small breeze might come along I could be blown over into a free fall into death. I sent out my deepest feeling of trust that I could in the face of this immense fear, and I felt it come to meet me. It met me at that high place of unknowing, and I felt as if I was unequivocally supported in my blindness of the Known. It was sort of like in Beetlejuice when the dead couple leave their known ghostly safety of their home, and step into the realm of the absolute ridiculous and bizarre. It is this trust that I have been trying to work with lately, finding it, trusting it. Trusting amid all the thousands of ill-formed questions in my mind that die in the air as I try to find voice for them. I do not even know what I want to know, or to ask, or how to ask. I am more lost and more found and more known and more unknown that I have ever been. I am in a state of daydream. And yet, all the while the daydream dreams, I am trying to stay grounded in the physical realm so that I do not engage in escapism, as I am so prone to. I realize how much what I attend to in the physical realm matters. I realize how well I attend to my body matters. I realize how well I focus on love, trust, creation, song, art, wonder and awe matters. It matters.

Forget all else, and create love. Create art. Create music. Create wonder. Create awe. Create joy. WITNESS it in all you see, in everyone you encounter. See their soul. Forget all else and do this now, for this is paramount to how we build our future. It begins with you. It begins with me. It begins WITHIN.

Above all, trust your inner voice. It is your soul singing you into the next thing.


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