Hallowe’en Journey

Just returned from the Unseen. It took me a long time to see Eagle and Komodo, and I had to “summon” them through the Huginn & Muninn exercise; a method where I envision my Huginn coming out of the left side of my head (as it comes from the energy of Urd’s well, which for me lies beneath my right foot), and my Muninn comes out of the right side of my head (as it comes from the energy of Mimir’s well which lies beneath my left foot) and they emerged heavily onto my shoulders. I then rode Komodo as Eagle was at times flying above us or sitting on my shoulder as we journeyed through the vast desert that I always seem to see when I ride or become Komodo. My intention was this (and comes from Christina Pratt’s podcast Why Shamanism Now): “how would it feel if I were to align the full powers of my heart with my action to the degree needed to live my soul’s purpose?” I was then deposited in a lake in the middle of the night with no clothes on. My guides were nowhere to be seen, and I swam and swam and swam in the black lake and I did not feel afraid. I saw a great, glowing moon above me, and the dark silhouettes of trees all around. I was then on a sandy beach lighting a lovely fire that crackled with life and heat and warmed me as I dried my wet body. I looked around the beach and saw no one, and was not afraid. I then saw a tent with a welcoming light inside. I climbed into the tent which had a warm bed and all that I would need for the night, and I sat inside the opening to the tent enjoying the fire, and I was not afraid. Then I walked along a path covered in autumn leaves and I started to feel my heart beat furiously with fear and excitement, and a massive grizzly bear came up the path. I thought it might attack me, but instead it sat down on a large, downed tree beside me as if it were human, and we seemed to commune, though I have no recollection of what was imparted to me. After awhile, I could hear crunching noises and the scene turned to snow and I was crunching along in the snow in very heavy, furry boots and thick leather and fur clothing. I seemed to be hunting. I saw blackberries, and my ego mind thought it strange since it was a snowy landscape, but my journeying mind paid no mind to this detail and I continued hunting for berries. I thought of the book “Blueberries for Sal” from my childhood that my grampa used to read to us. It was like I could see the whole scenescape from the story in my journey, though very briefly. I then seemed to get lost in the drum beat and the visions left me. I then heard banging and had to go check on Hubby. He was alright, just brewing beer and making noises. I realized it was after 9pm so I decided to just come back to this world so I can sleep properly.


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