I wrote these poems:

sister tree dirt dance
she flounces in the
nighttime October winds
naked but bathed in
and silky black kisses
of lake water
the place where cosmos
lands abruptly against earth
sinking deeply into

moonbeams land quietly
on soft grasses
bare feet
walk in wetness
dew of the passionate
nighttime wanderlust
slide like erotic
droplets into the pores
of soul skins
merging, heavy with
wont, lustily
making its mark
with ecstatic release
and exhaustion

a perfect autumn day
sunny and clouds
gusty winds
the smell of decaying leaves
on the crisp air
the entrails of a rabbit
cruelly plucked of life
from some predator
in flight
or a hound
looking for an easy
the trees sing their praises
to summer as she departs
their leaves falling
like tears to say their
yearly goodbyes
sap sinks to earth
preparing for winter’s
frozen embrace
where all life ends
and begins again



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