White Buffalo

Our recent stav journey with my monthly group was incredibly intense for me. As Kari led us through a journey to assist with the halt of the Dakota pipeline, to protect the waters and scared lands (which is all land, really) and to reveal the folly of those who seem not to see it, we awakened inner eyes and I began to see many jötun giantesses riding on the backs of giant wolves across their barren lands in fierce temper as we chanted, and mythological figures from many pantheons, most of whom I did not recognize, appeared suddenly in a dry and dusty landscape that quickly changed from jötenheim into Dakota land. They all gathered around the people who continually protect the waterways and are standing firm against the construction. Suddenly, my whole body became inflamed and I could feel my hands begin to seize and harden, and my body shaking with fierce power, and the image of an enormous white buffalo appeared in the center of the whole group. It stood, unyielding, on top of the waters and the land, and I bowed low to it and begged it in utter humility in Norwegian, “Jeg ber deg, jeg ber deg, jeg ber deg” to assist in this matter, and the enormous, pure white buffalo stood, looking straight at me, and it imparted to me that it would not move. I wept as this image flooded me, at how incredible this inner vision was to witness, and at my paradoxical feeling of smallness and at once powerful beyond anything on this planet. I allowed the heat to “cook” me, or as I call it, “work on me” like I would let a fever cook away bacteria that tries to work on my immune system. As we left the worlds and the trance, Kari had to assist me in coming back and massage my feet as I tried to pry my hands from my stav, then wrapped them around my cold beer on the table to cool them down. I shook and shook and shook. Kari fixed me a little tray of snacks to help ground me back into this realm, and I shook and shook and shook. It took a long time to “come back”. She then poured a horn and we each blew our blessings into it to be poured into her garden Vé. I could not get myself to speak, but I thought of all I’d seen, and I offered my blessings along with the blessings I’d received from the Divine into the horn, and I spent a long breath over the foam.


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