Tobacco, Breath, Song, Fire

These are poems I wrote.

Tobacco smoke wisps in my hair
in a plume of mystery
lingering, it dances between earth and wind
disappearing, the ether consumes it
warm breath tickles the back of my neck
my spine ignites
soft mustache brushes lightly against
my skin
the breath of power upon my palms
awakening a thrill and sensation new with possibility
thrumming like quiet life underground
exciting me into new perception,
into wakefulness
revealing soul’s brilliance
the great internal sun ringed with
spirit fire

Dancing with a shaman’s bride
her eyes penetrating me and my insides
her guttural song making me whole
all the while, shaman sings and drums
wreathed in smoke
and breath fills the air
feathers and bells, pulls and shakes, whistles
and groaning into me
feeling wing tips touch my lips
flapping at my throat, at my heart,
at my belly
restoring lost parts, uncovering fate
revealing the vulnerable beating heart


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