Hubby cracked me up the other day when I told him I was going to do a dance workout and he said plainly, “You can dance. For inspiration.”

Dancing is a major player in my spiritual communication. It gets me out of my head and into my body, into my energy. I think there are certain things that are both sending and receiving means of communication with the hidden realms. Dancing, staving, writing, dreaming, creating arts and crafts. I suppose anything could be both sending and receiving, but these activities are, for me, the most profound ways I seem to speak to and hear from the Big Uni. I have had some freaky-deeky stuff with scrying, too, but I think the more sedentary, inhibitory means of meditation are a little more difficult for me, and they take a lot of discipline and practice. I have found that the active journeys reveal to me more about the archetypal worlds, the exploration of myths and paradox. It may also be that I am simply more advanced now and these bigger things are being revealed because I am ready to experience them. Who knows how the whole she-bang works, right? Anyway, when in doubt, go shake your thang.


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