Awakening Móðir

I went on a stav journey last night, visiting the familiar worlds of Yggdrasill. Frigg and Óðinn were prominent, although this time it was as if Óðinn were visible as his three aspects, Wod, Vili and Vé, and that is how I summoned him. Frigg was, as usual, more difficult for me to see but definitely easy to perceive, and her energy seems as strongly calm and caring as Odin’s seems frenzied and unpredictable, and I understand why it is they are coupled: their energies seem perfectly balanced when they are together. The great goat, Heiðrún, sitting in the high seat was there, which I see as situated directly above Fólkvangr. Valhöll seems to be situated very near this area, and yet it opens out into what seems like the entry way to eternity, where Fólkvangr opens into Vanaheim. I find these two places interesting because Fólkvangr means “people field” and while I have seen the dead there, it is almost like a temporary resting place, where those who end up there eventually move on into the higher realms of Alfheim or somewhere. Valhöll is more like the dead warriors of all time are there always, never advancing. This concept was discussed in Nicholas Brink’s book, Baldr’s Magic, suggesting that those souls who are kind of “stuck” in the warrior paradigm will never leave it until they understand that fighting only leads to more anguish and is no real, solid solution. Only when the warrior mentality is shed does the soul progress into a more enlightened state of being and move onto a “higher” world. I called Vanadis repeatedly and reverently. I called many times to the jötnar as I mentally passed through Jötunheim, which is in the base of my neck and is sometimes revealed as huge mountain ranges that seem to span into a dark abyss. It is vast and lonely, sometimes angry feeling. I was less afraid of calling this energy in this journey, wanting to understand the meaning and experience of “giant energy”, although in this journey, none came. It was desolate and quiet. I met none in Svartalfheim, either, which is usually the case unless I am searching or asking specific questions of the beings there. Sometimes I catch glimpses of dark dwarfs that are working along the black walls, hanging as if little miners with their tools. I always see Hel most clearly, and I have always been welcomed warmly each and every time. I embraced and nodded reverently to the Great Lady, Hel, and to Menglöð and Eir, whom I’ve blogged about many times. It seemed that Hel cloaked me in a dark fabric that also covered my head, and I became slightly afraid as she did this, but I allowed it to just be what it needs to be. I have blogged before about this interesting experience of being cloaked by various deities in these journeys, which I am inclined to interpret as coming under the protection of these energies, or having these energies shared or awakened within me. I did not see any of the usual sights in Hel like the wall of flames, the river, the wolves, or even the Mountain of Medicine, just these three figures standing in the darkness. I did not see my fylgia, Hugin or Munin at all. I then started to sing to Móðir, calling her awake, singing in Norwegian for her to wake up now, that the world needs her. I called to her for a long while, thinking of her images and her nurturing disposition. I also sang the runes Isa, Nied and Algiz. I called briefly to Heimdallr, and sang to the bridge whose name means Shivering Voice. I’ve blogged before about my experience with Algiz opening the bridge, Bifröst, which after further reflection, I think it was this energy that inflamed me, since the bridge is made of fire and color and sound, and is a way to access the higher realms. I think it IS Heimdallr, also, and that by accessing this bridge, we also encounter Heimdallr. In that particular journey, because I was also invoking Thor’s name, it may have been that I accessed all three of these energies at once, although it is interesting to note that Thor is unable to cross the bridge as he is “too heavy” and must wade through the waters instead. I then sang to the sun, Sunna and Saule, and to the moon, Mani, and this started to lead me back to the realm of my own consciousness. As I sang Mannaz, Mannheim (human home) I was fully in consensus reality.


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