Last week I helped a dying squirrel out of the road as it searched for a place to die. It hurts me to see death up close, especially because I want to help stop it. But death comes for one and all, and I don’t think death is such a bad or scary thing, nor something that can or should be avoided. We earn the right to transform, to understand a new reality by living through this one. The squirrel found a warm place near the building as it settled in, getting as comfortable as it could. I talked to it gently. I said blessings that if it were time for it to die, that it finds its way swiftly. I came out a short while later, its furry little body deflated and still, I said goodbye and wished its soul well. It is hard to say goodbye, but it is form and matter that hold us here only for a time. Death surrounds us, just as life does. There is cold and stillness and transformation here just as there is “there”, it is merely the unseen and unknown that we fear. I am not saying that hearts aren’t broken because of death, as that, too, is its way. But hearts are broken anyway. We should feel no guilt for feeling angry or sad or robbed of life. There are many famous people who have died lately and that were important to so many people, and I wish them the same blessings as they change form. The ones who leave in obscurity, though…the ones who are overlooked or forgotten…their souls hold a special place in my heart. May all that pass find their way to the next phase easily, taking all the love and blessings with them as they transform ❤


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