“I got new dreams.”

I have been considering what I want to bring into my life in 2016. I want to delve deeper into the shamanic experience, and I want to expand my repertoire in this regard. I will be continuing to work with my mentor who walks and teaches a Northern path, but I am also going to commit some time and exploration with other teachers and groups. I am very excited for a class I just signed up with a teacher in California whom I have corresponded with a bit online for several years and whom I really respect. She offers interactive, online video conferencing classes, so I’ve signed up for a Deer Goddess class, which ties in well with the Norse shamanic path that I have established. There is a local teacher that I have been following silently through the web for quite a while, and I really like his vibe, and he lives very nearby. Hubby and I will be attending his Winter Solstice event which sounds incredible, and I am just waiting for him to post his 2016 schedule, then I will be signing up for his Wednesday shamanic journey group. I was originally going to take a Wednesday class for my degree program, but I have come to the realization that I need to withdraw from that class and take it another time when I have the energy and time to devote fully to the material. So, my Wednesday nights will be free to work on some of my own personal, spiritual goals. I am also very excited that my normal Völva Stav group will be hosting a weekend thang in March, and I am so psyched for this because these are the awesome people that I journey with regularly and it is going to be awesome. There are also random classes that I want to take with a couple of local teachers to deepen my knowledge in certain areas, and to have a little more free time to be able to consider these will be such a relief and keep me moving forward on my non-academic path. I am re-considering my degree program because of my fear that I won’t be able to master the language portion of it enough to be able to continue on, so I have been researching other degrees. I will not make any decisions on this until next semester, though, and maybe if I can find a language tutor to assist me with my speaking skills over the summer, I’ll be more equipped for the advanced sections. If not, I may switch to a comparative religion degree, which I had considered as a double-major, but maybe that will just be my major. Like always, I have too many interests to narrow anything down. I want to do it all!

“I got new dreams. I said I got new dreams. I got new dreams and I’m GONNA MAKE ‘EM REAL!” ~NR


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