Tonight after dinner my hubby went in for a nap before his concert band practice. Naps, especially too close to bed time, can leave me cranky, groggy and sleepless, so I almost never partake of them during the week, though I love a good nap on a leisurely weekend day. I was so exhausted after my busy day, and the semester and so many stresses at work and demands on my time and brain power overloading my energy stores, that my eyes just could not stay open as I was trying to study for my test tomorrow. I set my alarm and stripped to the skin and joined my warm, snoring hubby in our delightful Sleep Number king. I was able to nap just enough to give my eyes a rest, and then as he was stirring to get up for practice, I persuaded him to return to me for a few minutes in what I assumed would be “a quickie”. Passion has gotten a thousand times easier for me since my healing with Eir, and I have been enjoying it immensely. I let the passion enfold me, and in the midst of the whole wondrous whirl of it, a god that I have been trying to learn more about suddenly popped into my head, and his mystery seemed to envelop me, and I could sense this subtle energy building up, then receding, then building up, then receding. This passion pulsed this way for a longer while than I am used to, but the energy it built was intense. I could feel it as if my body were a steed being ridden ferociously and suddenly it was like an explosion of incredible pleasure mixed with incredible pain, and tears sprang to my eyes and trickled down my cheeks as I voiced my normal noises of ecstasy, but also other, stranger noises that came from the pain place and were more like the howls you would hear from a woman giving birth. I thought immediately of the power of creation, the ability that we have to actually make a person with this pleasure and pain principle (which I just as quickly negated in my mind as I have no desire for a baby). This felt different than any other orgasm or ecstasy than I have experienced. It felt as if this presence, this god, were there trying to teach me about this interesting part of his mystery. I wonder if this experience jolted my root chakra wide open or whirling or whatever chakra’s do when they become inflamed. It was a trip. A wild, hot, sticky, incredible trip 🙂


One thought on “Ecstasy

  1. […] paper, I would try to invoke this Othinic energy to learn more about it (as I mentioned in my post Ecstasy), and it is actually my custom to use such an active trance where I find that hyperventilation […]

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