I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with tarot for quite a long time. As soon as I discovered The Four Queens, that changed the tarot game completely. While I had started to develop a very subtle, slow, intuitive relationship with my first tarot deck (The Star That Never Walks Around), taking Kelly-Ann’s courses and watching all of her videos helped me to really get a grasp on how to use tarot as a tool for my personal development. I had asked my psyche about this, and it was interesting that “it” told me that each tarot deck would speak to me in different ways, and that I should utilize these tools to aid in my spiritual growth and tuning into guidance. This prompted me to take the whole thing more seriously, and I purchased the book Tarot Diva (based on a recommendation by Kelly-Ann Maddox (The Four Queens)) which gives a really cool take on the tarot. I have also purchased 3 more tarot decks! I now see the rave and addiction of tarot deck buying, I adore them all! And the three new decks are much simpler than the first, which is a round deck that has Native American imagery and loads of correspondences, but leave it to me to start with the most difficult thing first. I adore my first deck, and I have a special relationship with the cards, but it is a complex system that can be intimidating to a newbie. My other three decks are The Tarot of the Magical Forest, Halloween and The Wild Unknown. They do all seem to have very different “voices”, and some are easier for me to understand and interpret than others. For instance, I really fell in love with the Tarot of the Magical Forest imagery, and I really wanted something with animals, but for the longest time, this deck was SO difficult for me to understand. Then on a whim, and in trying to work on my paralyzing inability to purchase items for myself purely for pleasure, I decided to spend a Barnes & Noble gift card on a really cute, playful deck: Halloween. This deck sang to me the moment I laid out the cards. It is so playful, so fun, has a very friendly energy to it, and I can read it so much easier than my first two decks. Recently, with more gift money, I decided to purchase the Wild Unknown tarot deck and book, which are quite expensive together, but worth every cent. The deck is stunning, and again, this deck sings to me when I work with it, although its voice is serious and intense. I rotate between decks now, though I’m trying to work closely with the two recent ones so that I can get to know them better. It has been such an interesting and fun journey learning about tarot.

I am also learning to work with the Norse runes, and they speak to me in very profound ways, too. I have this idea of making a rune set out of some dried oak leaves, but I have still not done it. So the idea with the runes is that the whole thing is a ritual to be carried out beginning to end from imagining the idea of the runes, to carving them, to staining them with blood, to singing them “awake”, to asking them, to interpreting them, to sending the message to the Other, and finally to destroying them. Since most people work with runes that are carved or burned and then worked with again and again, this is only part of the ritual. My idea was to take oak leaves and do the ritual, then burn them over a sacred fire when finished. This eliminates the need to make a seriously time-consuming item, such as cutting and carving wood, or painting stones that do not burn. I like the idea of burning them, especially, since smoke travels Beyond and takes the message along with it. This is one ritual where I would absolutely not hesitate to use blood. Using one’s DNA in workings that could be found, dismantled or mishandled is something I am particularly wary of, so I have almost never even written my name or linked any magical object to me in any way that is not destroyed as part of a ritual. Creating magical items is not necessarily where my greatest interest lies, but I have done a number of specific magical workings to create objects that house my intentions. Sometimes I have used pennies with my birth year and/or the birth year of others (for protection charms, for instance.)

Anyway, here is a photo of a spread with my cute, but very serious deck, The Tarot of the Magical Forest.

Tarot of the Magical Forest My Three-Card Monte: Body Mind Spirit spread

Tarot of the Magical Forest
My Three-Card Monte: Body Mind Spirit spread


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