Goddess Wash

During one of my journeys into the dark realms of Hel and the Mountain of Medicine, I was given direct healing at the hands of Eir. She washed my vagina with salt and applied a poultice of rose, hyssop and lavender directly to the areas where I have felt what I can only describe as “cellular pain”, areas that I was very scared that pre-cancerous changes might be taking place since I have been followed for cervical adenocarcinoma in-situ for many years. She then instructed me to use this recipe to help heal me from the inside and the outside. I needed this healing of my reproductive area and my self-image for a long time, and it really had been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. After the journey, I did a ritual bath with a tea made from the flowers and added salt. I have had exponential healing in that regard since then, and my cellular pain, issues with sex, trauma, sorrow and hostility about procreation and my opinion of being female, and the physical auto-immune condition that I struggle with every day have gotten immensely better. I decided about a week ago that I wanted to make this recipe into a body spray since I’m not particularly fond of baths (and it’s too bloody hot right now to even entertain the idea), but want to intake the healing on a regular basis. I have sensitivities to rose and lavender as scents and get migraines when I try to infuse oils with their essences, but making a tea or wash doesn’t bother me. Since I’ve been using this spray, it is like I can feel Eir’s energy with me all the time. The washes can spoil rather quickly, however, so today since I’m having difficulty with managing inflammation of my auto-immune condition due to my period (which in itself wreaks all kinds of havoc down there), I decided to make a vaginal rinse of my special potion. I had taken to rinsing after urinating with a salt-water wash which has been fabulously gentle, and today I used my special rose-lavender-hyssop-salt wash, which contains both epsom salt (rich in magnesium) and sea salt that my dad brought back from France. It is absolutely lovely! Now I can intake the energies directly at the spot they are so needed, but without having to suffer through the heat of a bath during the hottest days of summer! Plus, using it as a rinse will use it up quickly so I don’t need to worry about spoilage. I decided to call it “Goddess Wash” 🙂

Happy Va-jay-jay! Huzzah!


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