Hot Love

So, what did I say not too many posts ago about just acknowledging something and suddenly the something gets better? What did I say about integrating my masculine and feminine mojo together, and being all annoyed because I felt like it was such a horrible toil? Well, I have to say, things got almost immediately better. This is why writing rocks, because you really start to let something unfold from within, and you can then truly see it and lay it aside. It is also why sex rocks, because what better way to blend two passionate aspects of the divine genders? Yes, sex has the capability of doing that 🙂 It was awesome to get all freaky again, super fun and raucous and hot, but it is also the afterglow, the little cocoon of intimacy being skin to skin with another person that brings two (or however many are in your group!) people together. I have to say that exercising really helps fire things up in that area. Because of problems with my feet and knees, I had to give up most exercises that I enjoy for the better part of two years. I continued to swim, but walking was out for the most part and was excruciating, I had to stop dancing and the small amount of kickboxing I incorporate into my home workout, I had to stop roller skating-which I was getting SOOOO good at! Bollocks to that! It really, really sucked. I put on 20 pounds and it was so tough trying to shed even a small amount of that weight when I could barely do anything to burn it off. I’m such an efficient swimmer that it seemed to do very little for me in terms of weight loss. So even though I still struggle a bit with both issues, I am able to walk and dance again, carefully. So over the weekend, I did my dance workout a couple of times, and not only is it one of my primary ways I speak and listen to the Big Uni(verse), it is also great for inflaming those primal energies! Bam!


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