I woke in the middle of the night in a deep REM cycle, thanks to kitty Vesta dancing about my head, and was able to journal an important snippet of dream. In my many years of dream work, I have noticed that the middle of the night, the deepest dream cycles, contain the deepest, most archetypal content. Again and again, I am astonished when I wake during this time how utterly strange and profound these dreams are, while the dreams closer to the time we wake are more “mundane reality” kind of dreams, usually with recognizable characters and content from our waking lives. During the night, I journaled three separate times: deep in th night, towards morning, and as I got up. These times all show different types of content that I find highly fascinating.

Last night, in my deepest dreams, I was thrilled to have experienced some higher beings in a great field of summery flowers, buzzing insects and bright sunlight. One of these beings, it was communicated to me, was Merlin! He was immense, and his disposition was as sunny and bright as the fields surrounding us. He reminded me of the J.R.R. Tolkien character Gandalf, kind and gentle and warm, but immensely powerful and having the potential for great and scary things. The other entities mostly seemed like giant orbs of bright light, but completely conscious and engaging with my mind. There were other feminine entities there teaching a whole bunch of people about ecstatic breathing techniques and how to invoke Merlin.

This excites me, not because I know diddly squat about the Arthurian legends, but because I am mostly English, and so far the only name I’ve been given in dreams on that continent has been Annwyn, which after reaserching it I found out is the Welsh realm of the dead. So I am very excited to now have a place to start, when time allows, to incorporate English and Welsh lore into my practice. When I was originally given the name Annwyn, after finding out what it meant, I was a little fearful of working with it because I was so new to this kind of work, and I (wisely) did not want to venture into any realm of the dead until I was more experienced and knowledgable about such things.  Now that I shamanic journey into the Norse land of the dead, and the rest of Yggdrasill, on a monthly basis, and visit the great lady Hel, I can better understand how to work with these concepts. I usually only visit Hel when I am working with my mentor, as she is a very advanced practitioner of seidr, called a völva (seeress, spåkona, staff-carrying wise woman), and she sees the Web of Wyrd at all times, and she can see those who journey with her in the world tree itself. I can sometimes see or sense her there, and it is comforting to have her to call on if needed. The lore affiliated with most realms of dead offers dire warnings about going into these places, and I do believe that it is not for everyone to delve this deeply into the aspect of death before their time. The way I understand it, a soul will meet and encounter these things upon death, that they will then meet their follower, or “Life-Tracker”, as the fylgia is known, when they die or when the disease process begins. My mother-in-law experienced this, or something like this, after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer: she perceived a shadowy presence behind her who would touch her shoulder or breathe or sigh into her ear. I believe this was her follower who was gearing up to assist her soul in making the transition from living to dying. She was not religious, but she perceived this as an angel. I know little about angels and their lore, and I understand them to be beings so ancient that it is unwise to affiliate them with any one religion. One archangel has made itself known to me, and gave me a symbol to be used for protection and also as a gateway to access it. I find great comfort in this being, though I find its energies to be very elusive and difficult to sense. I’ve asked my deep mind about this, and was told that his/its energies are very subtle but can always be called and relied upon.

I have many times pondered the differences in lore, mythologies, stories different cultures and religions hold dear, and if there are spearate and different “places people go” when they die, and I expect that the answer is just as mysterious as the question. Again, it all kind of comes down to these paradoxal truths that we must understand, or TRUST, in order to grok it as best as we are able. I also think this has a lot to do with the illusion of our minds, barriers and labels we create within our psyche to try to make sense of the nonsensical. In fact, I feel that the more a person can unhinge the need for making “sense” of things, the easier it would be to understand these other realms and beings and energies. The trick here is to be able to put the mind back into place in order to function well in consensus reality. I personally feel that serious mental illness may be the result of a person who is either stuck between these intense fields of thought or worlds, or they have very serious lessons to be learned about the nature of the mind. This brings up the whole concept of lessons, and living our own stories, The Fate of the individual soul. This concept may seem off-putting to atheists or even agnostics, and none of us truly know, right? But my belief is that we do have lessons to learn, that the soul’s evolution demands that it go through certain types of experiences in order to grow and move on in order to achieve immortality or a higher state of consciounessness. I think that we, in some fashion, have to atone for the mistakes our ancestors made, and we continue on, each generation living out its own part of a story that has no prediction or set ending, really, and yet Fate plucks its strings that resonate throughout all of time and space, in what is often called the Web of Wyrd.


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