Crow Speak

Yesterday, I had another very cool encounter with a crow! There was a small clan of crows that were fussing about something in the maples in front of the neighbors window as Hubby and I were out enjoying the evening air. There was one crow that was atop the roof. I started speaking to it, “Hey Crow! How are you? Hi, Crow! Hi! What are you all fussing about?” just normal kind of talk, how I talk to the kitties. He regarded me, cocked his head at me. Then he hopped a little closer, and squawked loudly. I kept speaking and cooing at him. He tilted his head the other way, hopped closer, and squawked again. This went on until he was getting pretty close to me, when he suddenly leapt up, cawed at flew down right near me, looking at me all the while with his eyes of dark jet, then he took flight across the way. Hubby exclaimed, “Wow! What was that?!” I called across the way at the crow, and he seemed to still be listening to me. I looked away into the clouds for awhile, watching the setting sun reflected in the windows of a neighboring building, watching a massive puffy cloud forming in the north, losing myself in a bit of a daydream. I looked back and a couple of the crows were in the maple tree of another neighbor, closer than the last maple. I could see and hear them fussing about in the tree. I was hoping they might roost there for the night, as crows have done in the past, but after a long while, they all flitted off to a nearby rooftop, cawing loudly as they went.

I’ve spoken to birds like this before (I believe I posted here about the other awesome crow experience) and it is interesting to me how though animals and humans do not speak each others languages, we can communicate. I’ve even done this with insects, and some seem to respond to it, usually spiders. I had one jumping spider seem to really engage with me as I spoke to it, hopping to and fro and looking at me all the while. I once found a tiny, silver-haired bat that I thought might be injured, and I was trying to figure out how to get it into something so that I could take it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation place. You are never supposed to touch a bat with your bare hands, so I was trying to gently prod it with a small twig but it would not budge. Finally, I just said out loud, “Come on, Little One, crawl into the container so I can have you checked out”, and to my astonishment, I saw her little claws start to move towards the container, and she carefully climbed in! The wrens and finches that visit our trees have ALWAYS seemed interested in what the human’s inside are doing, and if we might bring them birdseed! They will flap and flutter at the window. One year, a female wren came banging at the window as we sat inside on the computer, she fluttered bossily right outside, looking in, as if to say, “We KNOW you’ve got birdseed in there! Bring it out!” which I did, of course. The other day as I sat on the couch with Hubby and watched TV, a little bird came to the balcony door and fluttered out there for a good while before perching in the tree. I’m not sure if it saw us and was begging for food, or if it simply saw its reflection, but it was pretty funny anyway. I will often speak to bees to tell them to keep moving along if I think they are sniffing around too long. I wish I had known that trick when I was young and terrified of them! They always seem to keep going along their way if I say, “Keep going, little bee, there’s nothing here for you.” The way I “speak” to larger animals like eagles, herons or hawks is through telepathy. I simply “think” to them. This doesn’t always work, but I have had a few very interesting encounters with bald eagles and one golden eagle where the bird seems to hone in on me, look down at me, and fly very low and close to my head. It almost feels as if being spellbound, and the minute you look away, it seems the spell is broken. This is how I started practicing speaking/thinking to animals, was with all the eagles I see along the river. Eagles and hawks seem aloof to the whims of humans and others around them, so it’s pretty exciting when they regard you at all 🙂

Next time you are out and see birds and bugs, try talking to them. See what happens!


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