Yester eve, I took my leave of the mortal world for a staving session into the Unseen. I never really know what to expect. Sometimes I just can’t seem to achieve the proper trance and I feel discouraged. Sometimes I “talk” myself through a journey as one would follow a guided meditation, telling my mind I’m in a grove and then a grove appears, etcetera. Sometimes, I see moving blobs of light and strange eyes, human, animal and Other. Sometimes the journey is very visually alive, very “real”, a story happening all on its own with characters, runes, animals, rivers, trees, skies and paths to mysterious places unknown. Other times, I see nothing, but am thrust into a world where seeing matters little. This was the journey I had last night. Using my mentor’s Yggdrasill alignment technique, I fell into a solid, deep trance. I started staving, feeling the rhythm, vocalizing my sounds. I was out of breath almost immediately, and though I could feel the energy increase, I had to slow it down a bit. I chanted the vowels, the names of the sacred directions, the ice and fire runes, and I vocalized very guttural sounds that helped me forget my humanness. Then I chanted the rune Algiz. This is a messenger rune, the eagle who takes middle world messages to the higher realms. It is a summons to the gods. I could feel the energy building strongly, but I was discouraged because I could not see the world. My mind would not focus, my intent seemed to keep slipping away into nothing. I could only see the tree behind me, but nothing else. I thought I would call upon Thor to protect me as I journeyed here. I called his Norse name three times, which sounds more like Dthhhooouuuuurrrrrrr than a flat Americanized, Thor. Whispering it intensely into the stav, I called to him. And he came.

Holy shit, the god of thunder came into me! After the third chant, as I still rolled the R’s in his name, I suddenly felt electric heat start at my thighs and enflame me upwards to the top of my head. My legs felt like rubber and shook beneath me, my core felt completely electrified, my arms and hands were shaking violently as this burning energy pulsed through me with a frightening speed. My face and lips buzzed with a familiar strangeness that happens after a particularly intense journey. I felt as if I were changing into pure electricity. I did not want to end this incredible session, but I had to. I thought my legs were going to give out on me and that my whole body might start a fire. I tapped the stav three times and let out a weak “yip”, the signal that you are leaving the world tree. I could barely move, but I made my way into the kitchen. The best way to ground yourself after a journey is to eat. I downed a bunch of Frito’s while fixing a snack tray of olives, cheeses and crackers, pickles, popcorn, trail mix, and Thor’s favorite drink, ale. What I could not finish of the ale, I whispered an offering to him. I sat out on the balcony with Hubby, shared my experience with him and then tried to return fully to the mundane world by focusing on simple things.

Wicked feckin’ cool.

Here’s one of Maria Kvilhaug’s, a Norse mythology scholar and historian, YouTube videos about Thor.

I HIGHLY recommend watching all of her YouTube seminars, and getting her book “The Seed of Yggdrasill” for more in depth analysis and exploration of the myths, language, archaeological evidence, and the Old Norse use of poetical metaphors. It will challenge everything you ever thought you understood about how to read and understand mythologies.


Edit: OK, after referring to my second book on runes, Algiz can also refer to Heimdall, and to the Bifrost, the bridge of fire (that appears as a rainbow) that connects the human realm to that of the gods. Perhaps what I felt was the opening of the Bifrost to me? I will have to think on this, and perhaps do another staving session and work more with Algiz.



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