Yule Offerings

(Originally written on 12/23)

I spent a wonderful Yule with my Hubby! We set out for an early morning walk after having some coffee and cuddles with the kitties. It was a delicate, white snowy day, cold but brisk and invigorating. We walked up to my favorite little area of trees near our house, leaving offerings at various places. The first offering to a large pine tree was a spiced bread that didn’t quite turn out right, but that I figured the wild critters might enjoy. I left an apple at the base of an enormous poplar tree that had five large trunks stemming from it. We then walked down to a little area I knew has a natural crossroads, and I sparked up a Camel cigarette and dedicated it to MaXimon, toking it up to a good smoulder before leaving sticking the filter into the snow, letting the fiery tip continue to burn. I then took a little tealight to the river’s edge and created a little hole in the snow, lit the candle, and dedicated it to Silibo as I placed it into the snow. We then set out to find an oak tree. Since we were following the river, there were poplars everywhere, but no oaks! Hubby said he knew where there were oaks near our house, so we strolled back to leave the last offering. We came upon the little oaks he spoke of, and there were three. I whispered my dedication to Thor into our home brewed Juleøl, and pour the libation at the base of the oak tree, blessing the oak as well as I finished.

Hubby and I have had the most wonderful several days together. We’ve gone to see The Hobbit for the second time, caught a showing of A Christmas Story last night at a discount theater that specializes in doing unique events and showings of old classics. Around this time of year, they run A White Christmas, A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life back to back Solstice through Christmas or so. They’ll sometimes run the whole Star Wars or Lord of the Rings trilogy’s. They also have annual showings of my favorite, The Big Lebowski. We’ve already seen Thor 2 several times, but they had a “coming soon” poster for it up on the board, so we will have to go see it there! It’s a really great, old fashioned movie house, it’s awesome. Last night, they had a little three-piece band playing! Very cool!


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