Early Morning Crafting

This morning I got up and almost immediately felt like crafting. Sipping my delicious java-jive made just right by my loving husband with cream and honey and lots of love, I took over the kitchen. Using the remnants from old candles, I set about making bottle-cap and shell spell candles, as well as trying out a tuna can candle that worked out fabulously. One of my interests is learning about primitive methods of doing things. I was perusing a website that detailed many different primitive methods of lighting that comes in handy when camping or during loss of power. It also discusses different types of wicking material, and today I used both new wicking, pre-used wicks and even a rolled and dried mullein leaf that I’d prepared earlier this summer for this purpose. I tried cattail fluff which is apparently an excellent wicking material, it didn’t quite work for me, so I’m not sure what I did wrong there. It was fun to play around in the kitchen again! I’m excited to make more and use up all those old crummy bits of candles that I can now re-use! Check it out:

IMG_3794    IMG_3797  IMG_3799IMG_3795 IMG_3796IMG_3798


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