Red Meal

On the autumnal equinox, I held a very small, mostly Red Meal for the ancestors. It didn’t feel as potent as my first ancestral working, and I didn’t feel any real direction to it, so I simply laid the food and drink out, said some words to honor those that have gone before us, and did a tarot reading with my Magical Forest cards. I asked my mother-in-law to cut the deck, if such things are possible for her, which I assume they are not because nothing happened. So I went about the reading, wrote it all in my journal, then said thanks and goodbyes. I let the meal sit there a good while, then when my blood sugar was dropping, I decided to go ahead and eat it. I know I went on about eating offerings versus not eating them, but I guess I’m rooted in the school of thought of sharing the meal, the spirits “eating” the “essence” and me eating the matter. My broke ass can’t afford to put out a spread like that and then dump it, anyway.

Here’s what I fixed:

My Red Meal for the Ancestors

My Red Meal for the Ancestors


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