For the first time, I made a desperate plea to the Other Side for assistance in a mundane matter. This morning, in my desperation, I quickly and quietly rang my bell necklace and called the full name of my mother-in-law and went to my ancestor shrine to speak to her angel globe, the piece I’ve placed to honor her spirit on my altar. As I welcomed her, I was filled with her energy. The room changed, full of warmth, comfort, and a terrible sorrow for her absence. I whispered the problem, which was a sudden financial issue, stated the specific terms of what happened and what I needed to happen. Then I started sobbing. I felt my loss of her so profoundly, and her kind and humorous way she always helped people in need. I kept speaking through tears, and then called out to my other deceased relatives to hail them as long as I was there. I told them all how much they are still loved and still missed here on Earth. I had nothing to offer but breath, such was the haste of my plea, and I breathed raggedy, choking breaths through the sobs. I sent it earnestly, breathing life into their memories, then thanked them, and finished getting ready for work.

Without rehashing all of the details, I had a feeling of which teller at the counter would call. She did. I explained the situation calmly and with a friendly demeanor. I admitted my difficulty in understanding the policies, and was resolved that if all the charges could not be dropped, I would be fine with paying the late registration fee, but I really didn’t want to pay it and felt that I shouldn’t have to in light of all the confusion about the situation. She was kind and suggested I go to the kiosk and try dropping the class and see if all the charges dropped. The biggest charges did, but the late fee remained. She manually dropped them for me, and another teller helped her figure out how to “override” the system in order to do it. They were extremely nice, and she mentioned she didn’t want to go ask a supervisor for help because then they would ask more questions about why she was dropping the late fee, likely making a huge paper trail dispute necessary (which is why I resolved to pay it, if the teller did not override it for me). I thanked her profusely and went to enjoy lunch with my Hubby without the huge problem hanging over me.

I made a proper offering tonight for my L’Ma and the ancestors, thanked them profusely as well as I poured water over my tea with buckwheat honey and milk, clinking the air with my mug. Cheers, yo.


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