My new Thor’s Hammer. A strong protection amulet that I wear to call on Thor’s energy as a protector of those in Middle-Earth, otherwise known as Midgard. I’ve read that whether you call upon him or not, wearing a symbol of his implement will protect you. That is what Thor does. Protects.

In all of my reading of various writers on all manner of Norse mysteries (Robin Artisson, Vincent Ongkowidjojo, Judika Illes and to some extent Sarah Lawless) and YouTube lectures of the wondrous, sexy and wicked smart Lady of the Labyrinth, I’ve started to understand the Norse deities as both representations of physical and metaphysical energies or principles. Again, we get into the realm of paradox, so you must sort of grok this as it comes into focus. In regards to Thor, he seems to be a representation of both a physical and metaphysical protector of this realm. He is a real energy, a real consciousness. According to Lady of the Labyrinth, real name Maria Kvilhaug (whose book Seed of Yggdrasil was just released and I’m waiting anxiously for it!!), Thor’s name means different things in Old Norse. One meaning, “To Grind” or “The Grinder”, may refer to his nature as the protective shield around earth, the atmosphere, which grinds giant (!!) space stuff so that it does not harm us. Maria also speaks of his role as a conductor of electricity, hence his iron gloves, belt and implement, Mjolnir, or as it is commonly known, his ‘hammer’. I ponder his mysteries a lot lately. There is so much reading I must catch up on, but I find the more I learn, the more I crave to know and understand more of these very curious puzzles in myth and metaphor. Since I am no scholar on this subject, I highly suggest anyone interested visit Lady of the Labyrinth’s YouTube page and watch her wonderful, artistic and extremely well-researched lectures on the Norse mythos. She is an absolute joy to listen to, and she is a real historian on this subject.

To my knowledge or recollection of my dreams and meditations, I’ve had no ‘contact’ from Thor. I would be thrilled to encounter him, but I believe that what we encounter is what we need at that time. Just as my dream a few posts ago, the woman who breathed me in and declared that I was not ready, I believe this is a very accurate way that spirit manifests for us mortals. Some may never encounter it. Some may pretend to. Some may think that by praying they are encountering, and it is very likely that some are. As to that, I cannot speak, only to say that when you get a clear encounter from Other, you know it. There is no longer belief, but a knowing.  I read that Mother Theresa had only once ever truly experienced Jesus. Once. And she expressed that though she KNEW him to be true, and real, she went the whole rest of her life feeling lonely for him because he never came back to her. And this is where belief and faith come in: one must have faith that this guide and friend is always with them despite their “absence”. This is one wonderful thing I find about Nature, is that when I’ve felt that seemingly non-specific loneliness, visiting a state park and finding peace in stillness, tree song, bird watching or in ripples of waves across a lake, that loneliness is immediately filled and flushed with wholeness. It is then I know I am not alone. We are never, ever alone.

There are ways to invoke deities, inviting them directly into you. I have listened to podcasts and read a lot about this practice, and it is definitely something that intrigues me. Some methods are not recommended doing  alone, as it can be traumatic and dangerous for various reasons. It can also be a waste of time, as a deity taking over a mortal form could essentially push one’s own consciousness aside, thereby leaving no one to talk to! There are other methods that I’ve read of, specifically in Vincent Ongkowidjojo’s book, Secrets of Asgard, where you invoke using runes and postures. There is one method in which a person invokes Thor by using his posture of sitting with hands clasped. I may someday try this method. I have tried Vincent’s method of connecting to the Nine Worlds, and must’ve fallen into too deep a trance to recall visiting, if I indeed did it right. One way that I ‘connect’ to that internal divine power that runs through the very matter of everything on earth is through dance, trance and music. These are all keys to Other doors. One needs only listen to Dead Can Dance singing Yulunga to understand how a mortal can channel the divine through guttural, primal instinct, trance, voice and music. This song is so appropriate to the images in this clip.


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