She Of The Thorn-Blooded Rose

I performed a small kitchen ritual dedicated to the rose, with assistance from a teacher-in-print, to help me align myself with plant allies. It’s been difficult for me to embrace some of the more “ceremonial” aspects of crafting, as I’m more drawn to hoodoo-style workings. I tend to “listen” to the ether, then move with the pulse. The one time I performed a spell written exactly as written by someone else, it turned out horribly. This time felt better, though. I felt less silly, and knew more what I was doing. Of course, I’ve been involved in this type of crafting much longer since that first attempt, and I know more of what I’m trying to accomplish, and I know more about using words more precisely for the desired result. Even if it feels clunky, it’s better to simply state exactly what the desire will be, or what exactly is being called upon. Fancy expression or words with dual meanings or connotations seem to complicate matters. As a writer, I appreciate how our language has evolved to include many descriptors that evoke different moods and feelings, but sometimes it can be tricky. I had, for many years, avoided any kind of spell-crafting because I was so worried about the words. Now, I feel much more at ease. I speak and think it plainly, and I don’t get too complicated with rituals.

I decided to perform the ritual to the rose, and then continued on by making my own version of a hedgecrossing oil. I’m infusing olive oil with poplar buds, wormwood, thyme, cinquefoil, dittany, yarrow, sage, and a small twig of (unnamed plant) as I type this. I’m hoping to start up meditations again, and the use of these types of oils is similar to the dream oils, to aid the mind in its task. It will be interesting to see what happens with this one.

Blessings to the sun that has finally, finally shown itself today!



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