Warmth in the Snow

It’s March, and here in Minnesota that usually means lots of snow. There is lots of snow here now, and the length of this winter is wearing everyone down. You can feel, smell, taste and hear the tension in everything you encounter here. I’ve been doing my best to stay positive, but today, this evening, after an otherwise wonderful day, I cracked. Even though we had a three day weekend, I am craving another day. A day to sit by myself and craft, or cry, or do a ritual, or start in earnest “spring” cleaning. Anything to be away from others right now. It becomes such a burden to be in the company of other humans when the weather drags like this. It happens in summer here, too. If you do not live in this area, you might not know that our summers can be more miserable and unbearable than our winters. By July, I am ready for a cool autumn. It turns into a jungle here, and the heat seems to drive more crime, car problems, machinery breakdowns and general, collective pissy-ness than even our most brutal winters. It takes patience and tenacity to live here, to stay here. And there are uncountable amazing, beautiful things in this locale, as you will see in my photos. But, the weather is such a big deal here, it’s part of every day conversation, it’s part of every creature’s makeup and mood. The season is wearing on, it’s wearing on every one of us. I am dreaming of green things growing. Obviously, our growing season is quite short compared with more temperate climates. I keep seeing on Facebook people talking about harvesting the first of the nettles. HARVESTING! I can’t imagine the ground being thawed enough to plant anything sooner than May, and they’re harvesting?!?! And us as container gardeners often can’t plant with surety until June. I’m trying not to be jealous, but right now in this difficult month, I am so weary of this snow, cold and unpredictable temperature shifts. My mood takes all of my energy to manage. Sigh. I am very ready for skirts and sandals.


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