Cosmic Happenings

Yesterday as Hubby and I set off on a walk for the library, by way of the river side, we came along a blue book sitting in the snow next to a tree. I thought looked like a library book, and that we should take it with us to drop it off. Hubby picked it up, and as he said the first two words of the title, “The Horn….” I knew before he said the rest what the book was. The Horn of Evenwood by Robin Artisson from Pendraig publishing, Peter Paddon’s publishing company. Now, I cannot express how cosmic a find this is for me. Even Hubby found it highly unusual to just happen across a book about Traditional Witchcraft, a book that I’d recently just purchased as an eBook, by an author who is not necessarily mainstream pagan, an author that I like very much. Hubby pointed out that it appeared there were offerings of unbroken, shelled peanuts at the base of the tree. Finding the book outside near a tree  with offerings didn’t surprise me or Hubby, being that the nature of the book is pagan, and that is what pagans do. But, this book in particular. This was an important find.

Last night, my dreams followed similar cosmic roads. I dreamt of a satyr who was coming and going from a trapdoor under a great pine tree. At one point, he climbed out and was scrambling to get away from something he was very frightened of. I was helping him, and there was another, unseen partner of mine in the dream. The partner felt male, though I could not be sure. There were lots of details in this dream, lots of symbols of traveling and fear of getting lost, and there were lots of interesting characters, including an old crone type figure who reminded me of the stooped witch in the movie Brave. There was also these massive, furry looking dolls of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Very trippy!


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