Journey with Gabriel

I finally started meditating again. For one of my sessions, I followed an excellent journeying technique from the awesome Peter Paddon, author and host of The Crooked Path Podcast. I was on a break at work, so I had only 15 minutes, so I sat under one of my tree pals, the one I call the Treasure Tree (for all the interesting things I find beneath it), campus was silent, and big snowflakes were gently falling. The atmosphere was perfect and beautiful. It was cold but not intolerable to sit there, and I easily got myself into the Woo. Closing my eyes, breathing deeply, I walked between two giant trees, a bur oak and a linden, envisioning the symbol my named guide had given me. Then I dove into the ether and fell. I saw my sacred grove of trees, the one I’d seen in a meditation clearly with the inner sight, and I walked, holding hands with one of my guides, the only one whose given me their name, one whom I understand to be the archangel, Gabriel. He led me along to a place where thousands of plants and trees stood, all green and brown. I offered my breath, as I’ve been doing as offerings lately, and I could see my breath as a powerful mist that spread out throughout the grove. Suddenly, as the mist touched the greenery, everything bloomed flowers in vibrant colors, and a thrill shot through me as I smiled at Gabriel in wonder. We came upon a stream, and I could see my hands dipping a handmade vessel made of laced bark into the water. The sounds of the mundane started to pull me away from the scene, and I thought it must be time to return to work. I said that I must go, but that I did not want to leave. Gabriel said in response, “You will come again.” I bowed to him, to the stream, to the grove, thanking them all and bidding them farewell.


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