The start of a new year, a new beginning. I am one who fancies New Year’s Resolutions, when genuine and well-intentioned. I think it’s helpful to one’s growth to state what things they’d like to increase in their lives, or work on changing in the coming year. As I sat jotting down what things I’d like to see manifest in my new year, there are many similar items that all seem to relate to physical health and well-being, and creating things.

I love to dance. Dancing not only helps my physical body stay in shape and get toned, it is a kind of creative expression and path to trance that is very important and successful for me. I intend to incorporate more dancing into my life. I miss my twice/thrice weekly dancing, and as was apparent by my shadow last night as I danced, I quite need the workout. During my dance workouts, I sometimes incorporate different elements into them, such as weights, kickboxing, yoga, stretching, back exercises, belly dance, and certain ballet moves.

I am a walker. I love to walk. Walking is also a means of physical, mental and spiritual well-being for me. I sometimes walk briskly with music playing to let my mind escape and take flight. Other times, I walk meditatively, listening to the sounds of nature or the hum of the city, sending my intentions to the Universe, dedicating my energy to the ancestors whose consciousnesses reside in each molecule and ever listen. Though my feet have been compromised, I am trying to continue to walk as part of my daily routine.

Either roller or ice, I want to get back. I miss my roller skating people. I miss the fun, the utterly unpretentious gang of friends that I’ve made there. Again, my foot problems have put me off of doing things on my feet, but I’m hoping that if I wear my foot supports and inserts and am careful to stretch before and after, and stay mindful when I’m doing edgework or going backwards, hopefully I can keep on. I really miss it, and I was getting pretty good!

Winter Sports
Hubby and I have only once tried out the snowshoes we made last year so far, so it’s time to get out and use them! We’ve felt the hibernation settling into our bones, not wanting to be bundled and dressed and traipsing around in so much darkness. Winter here just begs for down time, snuggly jammies, snacks by the fireplace. But, our winters are so long, it’s quite difficult to hibernate for 6-7 months and stay happy and fit. We’d like to get out to the state parks with our snowshoes and finally, now that we have a snowy winter, try some cross-country skiing. I used to do it on school outings as a kid, but my Hubby has never tried it. It’s such a great workout, and brings that same meditative quality while enjoying deep nature away from the mundane. The skating rinks have also just opened, and we both enjoy ice skating a great deal. Ice skating, however, is much harder on the feet than even roller skating, and we are both struggling with foot problems. We may have to forgo this activity to save the tootsie’s, but we’ll see.

Homemade Crafting & Holidays
I want to make more homemade breads, cheeses, herbed and fruit butters, ales and meads, and all of my laundry, household and body products. I’ve found some exciting recipes online to make cleaners for home and body without the use of saponins. Saponins, though necessary for all bar and liquid soaps as we know them, are known to poison aquatic life. This bothers me as even using Soapwort, a flowering plant, is toxic to aquatic life, and of course we rinse these things right into our water supply. When I was using my homemade sugar scrubs, I felt I didn’t even need to use soap as the scrub cleaned my skin and left me completely moisturized in the process. Since it’s a bit coarse to use on the naughty bits, I thought of an idea for a gentle scrub that I could use for these areas. I am excited to try these new recipes. I got a basic recipe from a woman’s blog, and I’ve already modified it to make several different recipes for my purposes. I can’t wait!!!

I’m going to include a special clause for holidays. I need to celebrate more. Hubby is very supportive of me and my holidays, and there’s no reason but lack of will that I don’t get my shite together. I want to honor the Moon each month at the Full, Dark and New moons. I want to honor the seasons and the ancestors by celebrating these special times.

For me, writing is both speaking and listening to the Universe both within me, and without. After NaNo, which was an AWESOME experience and I was proud that I wrote almost 30,000 words, I stopped writing cold turkey. It’s time to return to it.

Meditation & Craft
Obviously, a path of the occultist is nothing without delving within The Mysteries. Thus, I need to face the darkness, the stillness, the disturbing places as well as the bright. My altars and tools are all ready for me. I’ve been reading, studying, thinking, dreaming, pondering, listening. I think this year I may be ready to make more of a commitment to my inner places, as well as to practical Craft. I am still not ready to make any oaths or declarations, but I want to make more of an effort to explore the deep places of the Mind and Universe.


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