Gate Keepers

My dreams last night were very different than normal, featuring some interesting characters. I was visiting a strange apartment building, whose address was either 1701 or 1702 (although the street in the waking world is 29th & Central) and there was a kind of large, frightening humanish monster who was the door man. I had accidentally buzzed the “Valet” button, so he was summoned after a long wait. The lobby of the building had a wetland complete with reeds, horsetail and cattails, and for awhile we were all sitting down there. I was with my boss and co-worker, and we were at the home of an ex-co-worker, Linda, who is quite fun and eccentric. When we made it up to her apartment, it was sort of like walking into an MC Esher drawing, the two stairways were opposite each other, and they were flat against the wall and looked impossible to walk on. Though once we got closer we could see they were indeed just wide enough for careful stepping. Her bedroom looked like an old-timey orphanage with room for 4 people, all the beds in the open and each with its own nightstand and personal areas. The place seemed to be filled with daemons. There was some kind of party going on, and there were lots of creatures about, and one at least seemed to have red skin and horns. He was wearing a contemporary leather jacket and jeans, I thought, and I was afraid to approach him and the others, but after awhile, we were all just milling about talking as if nothing were amiss. Earlier in the dream, I was carrying around an ancient-looking, unbound book. It was precious to me, and I recall thinking I didn’t want to return it to the library, or couldn’t for some reason. That perhaps I needed it for the end of days. I can’t recall much else.

I’d been reading about how the gatekeepers to the Otherworlds are, or can be, quite scary, dragons and daemons and such. Cerberus, anyone? The first challenge is to be able to get through them, but not by fighting them, by using cunning to get past. I’ve often said of this world, “Never underestimate the power of cunning”. Often has cunning saved my ass in times of terror, getting me out of more than a few jams. Even when I thought I was sure to be pummeled, I’ve talked my way out of a number of very terrifying circumstances. I think a lot of it has to do with intuition, too, knowing when you can employ it to personal advantage. I think the other part of it is not letting yourself be tricked by your eyes. They say the gods take the disguise of the humble in this world as kind of a test….how do you treat the beggar who approaches you? Use caution when dismissing all that scares you or makes you uncomfortable. I’ve found its often these very things that are our purpose to figure out. I also understand the gods to each have some kind of duplicity or multiplicity, and thus, respect and humility are good traits to carry. I find it odd that people are so quick to swear themselves to a god, when many, I am sure of it, have never experienced deity, or at least, they’ve not even known it. They follow because they are told to follow, they believe because they are told to believe, not through practical experience. They have not sought out answers, they haven’t walked any path of seeking. This is why I am wary of making promises I am not certain I could keep. Things in other realities (and religion) are like metaphors, and may not be as they seem. This is why I believe people need to analyze their own dreams and question what these things symbolize to them personally. This is why I examine very closely what my beliefs are, and whether or not I’m actually living them. It’s been an illuminating experience. My eyes are wide open.


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