Bird Mania

Ok, the cosmic stuff with birds is getting strange. This morning, a little female house finch flittered up to the railing on the balcony and sat there. I ended up shooing her away because she didn’t seem to notice the two mini-tiger hunters staring at her with wide, hungry eyes. She flew back and forth between the two trees, then came back several times, flapping her wings as she hovered right in front of the railing. The house finches do seem to be a little more bold then some other birds, as do the bossy little wrens, but I still felt like this was odd and totally cosmic-awesome behavior!

Then, after Hubby dropped me off, I walked up the ramp to the accessible door to find a tiny, baby chickadee fledgling sitting right in the middle of the path. He just looked at me, and me at him. As I got closer I spoke to him, asking if he could fly and he started chirping. I could then hear his parents above, unseen, chirping back at him. Then he started flying tiny little heights, but not enough to get him to safety out of the pathway where tons of clunky equipment and people come through all day. I was fretful about what to do when a co-worker came up and I asked her what she thought we should do. She went in to get a cardboard box to coax him further down the path at least, and he was so adorable as she prodded him gently from behind and he would hop along, bit by bit. Finally, we got him out of the pathway and went inside (after cooing and fawning over him for a long while, of course.) Then my co-worker was worried about him and checked later to find him in the middle of the stairway! So she’s coaxed him a little further to the safety of some hostas. She said the parents were still up in the trees chirping at him 🙂

I love birds!


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