Spider Magic

I appear to have been bitten by a spider three times at the back of my left arm, close to my armpit. The bites have been there for two or three days now, and they at first were just small little red bumps. Last night, however, I noticed the itching became very intense, and as we left The Fitzgerald Theatre (Hubby got tickets to see Amy Sedaris and They Might Be Giants for my bday!!!!!) I had Hubby check my arm, and he was alarmed at how big the welts were becoming. I took a Benadryl straight away, and this morning the swelling is definitely down, but the itching is still intense, and there is still inflammation. They look like little rings with a blister in the center of each ring. So far, I’ve been treating it with plantain tea and a homemade plantain salve that I made specifically for itch relief.

I find spider magic fascinating. I’ve written here quite a bit about my relevant experiences with spiders. It’s been awhile since I’ve either had a physical, waking world experience with spiders or dreams about them. I’m bummed I haven’t recalled my dreams much of late, as I always wonder what I’ve missed out on. These three bites are perplexing me, and nor have I even had much time to contemplate any spiritual significance living and breathing in me lately. Is my spiritual self still in there? Maybe wandering drunk or high down a crossroads somewhere on the streets of Minneapolis. As I suck on that, you enjoy some Guilty Hearts:


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