Clan of Crows

I did a spirit guide meditation on Friday on the wooden swing outside my work building. The sun was shining brightly, the giant, old oak tree arched overhead like a protective Watcher, and the air was perfectly warm with a cool breeze to balance it. As I did the meditation, I could sense a building presence around me, and I became aware of a great ruckus. I opened my eyes to see a whole clan of crows cawing madly at each other (I saw no bird of prey, that’s usually what their incessant cawing seems to signal around the river), and they were dancing in the air with each other, swooping from tree to tree. As I watched, two of them tussled a bit and a clump of feathers fell to the ground. Of course, I promptly went over to collect them, but could find only one. As I picked it up, one crow who was hovering above my head in another oak, took flight and a small oak branch fell right at my feet. Obviously, I will be using these two items to make a special fetish for Crow.

Interestingly, I had another interaction with a clan of crows just a little while ago. As I walked out onto the balcony with Vesta, I bent over my pot of chamomile, lavender, monarda and rue, and I caught sight of a large form in my peripheral vision. As I looked up, I saw a crow flying in a graceful arc out of the tree to the right of the balcony, out over the street, and up on top of the roof above us. As it flew, another came out of the tree to the left of the balcony, and fluttered also to the roof. Another, and another did the same, with one of them landing at the very edge of the roof. As he stood there, he was beaming down at me. He kept shifting his head, and he peered directly at me. I could just feel that the bird was focused on me, that it was meant to. I don’t know how to explain the feeling other than just knowing it’s important, and I trust it. So I spoke to it, saying something like, “Hey there Crow, how are you?” and he cocked his head, stared even harder at me, leap up, and fluttered right above my head, hovering there for a good few seconds before flying out of sight onto the rooftop. How awesome is that?! For awhile now, I’ve been noticing a clan of crows that live around here, and I’ve spoken to them before. Only one, I think, ever paid me any mind, though I don’t mind just talking to them as they pass. But this….this was different. This was totally fuckin’ cool!!!!

One thing I’ve been pondering lately is making my own version of Magpie’s crow skirt in Laini Taylor’s Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer, one of my all-time favorite books by my new favorite author. I find it interesting that as I’ve been pondering this, I’ve been finding loads more black feathers on my walks, and now these two poignant encounters with crows. I think I may have found my clan 🙂


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