Guided By Dreams

I had a rather interesting, and what I call an “important” dream. I was standing outside the gym where I swim with an older woman whom I do not know in the waking world but that I’ve seen in other important dreams and I believe once during a meditation. From what I feel about her, she is the female guide assigned to me (I’ve also dreamt of a male guide). She’s greying, a little taller than me, has a kind face and very relaxed demeanor. She was showing me how to use both my “mental eyes” and my regular eyes to see what the Earth looks like from her perspective (which I thought meant from where she resides), and on what was both a mental screen and a screen that I could touch with my physical fingers in the air (but that wasn’t an actual thing either-almost like I could see it within and without but it was neither place), there was a map, and it was similar to the iPhone in that I could use my fingers to zoom in or out from places that I was looking at on the map. Instead of roads, it was a map of the Universe, and from where she came from, the Earth looked like a black and gold mass of space, and only 5 little stars sort of outlined the planet. It was wicked! So then she would say, “Now zoom in, and you can see what it looks like as we get nearer.” So I would take my fingers and spread them out to zoom in, and I could see the planet mass growing and growing, then turn into what we are familiar with it as seen from the part of space we know. It seemed impossibly far away, and I felt both intrigued and a little frightened.

There were other pieces of the dream that I can’t recall now. They seemed unrelated, but I’m not sure. It’s so interesting to me how dreams change as I pay attention to them. I can pick out more and more details, remember the feelings associated with them, notice when they seem mundane, prophetic, important, silly, touching. I had one of the worst kind of dreams last night that involved  my husband have a medical emergency. It was one of the most disturbingly vivid dreams I can ever remember having in my life, and the feeling of gripping, mortal fear and helplessness was unfathomable. I wrote it down in my dream journal, but I’m not going to detail it again. Suffice to say, it was horrible, and I woke from it in a cold sweat to find my husband was not next to me in bed and led me to leap out of bed to find, to my great relief, the computer light glowing, and him awake and bubbly looking up fares to Norway. Blessings, blessings, blessings…I always count thee!


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