Last night I signed up for a walk hosted by an old high school friend of mine who is a professional herbalist, massage therapist, doula, etc, etc, etc. It was awesome!!! Oddly enough, the guy working in the visitor center was a guy that I took drum lessons from awhile ago, so it was a strange meeting but funny! And before I even walked into to check in, there were two wild turkeys at the entrance! They seemed very used to people because though I approached them carefully and cooed at them, they just walked a little ways and came right back. The whole group could hear them gobbling the whole hour and a half walk, it was just cute 🙂

It was very cool to see Cynthia, and she is very easy to learn from. There were about 15 people, so it was a full class, but not too many. It was great to see, smell and feel all of the plants up close and in person, it will help me identify them when I’m out and about on my own. Here are some awesome snippets of my lovely evening learning about ephemerals:

I’m still not very savvy on WordPress, so I’ve no idea why I can insert text below this section of photos, nor why it won’t let me upload too many per post. I’d forgotten about their limitations here (Blogger lets me do however many I want! *sticks tongue out*). At any rate, here are a few of MANY photos I took on my walk! There are three more walks coming up, and hopefully more in summer and autumn! I’m SUPER JAZZED!