Many Things

First, I must report the good news! The little silver-haired bat was unharmed and released the same day! They think she had either gotten too cold or was stunned by construction equipment, because she checked out fine and did wonderfully in her flight tests. They returned her to the area near where I found her to hopefully not disrupt any breeding/pregnancy cycles. I dislike knowing she’s back among so much continual disruption with all the heavy, long-term construction, but I’m also glad because if that was her home, she may be more comfortable back there. There are loads of trees for a lovely little silverwings to hang around in 🙂 YAY!

I’m not sure that I’ve blogged about this here, but I’ve changed from disposable pads and tampons to cloth pads and a Diva Cup! I used some hastily made homemade pads and pantyliners last ‘dot’, and they worked beautifully! I didn’t get my cup in time to try it this last cycle, but I’m excited to give it a whirl next bleed. There are many reasons for the switch, but what prompted my research into alternatives was the moldy tampon debacle. But for a long time now, I’ve also been experiencing increasing problems with disposables. I break out in the worst sort of skin irritation, and by blood’s end, my whole bottom is so raw and painful I can barely stand it. I had never really considered that there may be alternatives, but there are many! And in increasing popularity, unbeknownst to me!! At any rate, I was able to finish a whole ton of cloth pads so I won’t have to worry about running out, and I’ll have many styles to choose from for heavy days, nighttime and light days. I have to say, it is incredibly liberating to break away from yet another manufactured product I’d thought I was utterly dependent on. NO MORE!!! No more irritation, no more cramping tampons, no more raw bottom and of course, NO MORE AWFUL GARBAGE filling the world! I was also interested in some women’s speculation’s that disposable pads actually seemed to make their flow heavier. Many said that when they switched to cloth, their flow actually seemed lighter! I’m not sure what that means, but it seems rather disturbing to me. I wish I would have discovered these other, healthier options much sooner!! In case you’re interested in reading more about cloth pads and menstrual cups, here are a ton of wonderful links to companies that sell them, and lovely women who are gracious enough to share their patterns to make them yourself! I also plan on donating some cloth pad sets to girls in Africa who need a re-usable product to remain in school!! LOVE IT!!

Lunapads: This is where I ordered the Diva Cup! They have a Pads 4 Girls program and loads of other charitable links on their DONATE tab. Check it out!
Gladrags : These seemed a bit less spendy than the Lunapads, and they offered menstrual cups as well. I really liked the look of their postpartum/nighttime pads!
Shewhorunsintheforest: These were my all-time favorite patterns I’ve found so far and have made hoards of them based on her awesome patterns!
Etsy: There are tons of awesome, affordable selections on Etsy, and if I would have seen these first, I may have purchased some through on of these sellers. As it was, the store bought ones were out of my price range, and I sew anyway, and always have fabric to use up! But these were all so beautiful, I must pimp for them!!
Ask Pauline: I made a couple of these, too!

I’ve gone back to listening to Ariel’s podcasts to get me fired up again. He’s so awesome and pleasant to listen to, I don’t even mind re-listening to them over and over! He has some of the most incredible meditation’s I’ve ever done, too! So, I’ve been trying to heed his advice on sticking with a project until its completion. For some reason, this is very hard for me. I flit from thing to thing to thing, and I’m starting to wonder if too many chemicals, head injuries and multi-tasking jobs have made me unable or made it more difficult to focus. I’ve found that if I really try, doing the elemental “bodies”, as he calls them, aren’t as difficult as they first were. Well, I should clarify: incorporating some of the exercises into my daily life. I feel like I get really perfectionistic about it, and I’d like to move on to working on the other classes as well. It’s shown me, however, how lazy and complacent I’ve become. It makes me feel exhausted and hard to pick up again, but if I just take baby steps and apply some of the principles to my daily life, I’m hoping I can get back into it full throttle. I’m fighting a bit with feeling overwhelmed and sad about certain things, worried about my health and the state of things at work, etc. It’s hard for me to muster the energy for anything besides working on small projects at home, spending so much of myself fighting a defeating feeling everyday at my job. But overall, I feel much stronger in subtle ways, and I can tell my faith in myself is growing as well as my ability to stick to my guns. When I need to pull the rabbit out of the hat, it’s there, I just need to remember to reach into the hat 🙂

Well, Hubby’s home now and I think it’s time for me to head to bed. I need to catch up on some sleep from restless nights this week. There’s much I wrestle with in my dreams, when I finally fall into the ether.


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