Things To Come

(I started this post Wednesday, trying to finally finish it on Saturday!)

Ostara was yesterday, and I was so run down I ended up just falling asleep on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants. A totally anti-climactic way to celebrate this (VERY early) coming of Spring, here in Minnesota. But, today is another day, and I plan on spending tonight doing some spring cleaning and fiddling with seeds. I may start some in those cute little peat thingys so I can get a jump on the growing season. I have such trouble getting seeds planted at the right time because we usually aren’t free of frost until late May! I may have to bring these little guys in and out, but overall, our temperatures have been uncommonly (as in, NEVER EVER EVER) warm this time of year. I’m currently sitting outdoors with stretch pants, no socks, no sweater and just a thin tee. This winter’s like I have never seen, and will likely never see again! We’re enjoying it to the fullest, us locals. After last year’s record snow falls, we’ll take a non-winter once ๐Ÿ™‚

So today on my walks, I found a small black feather, some burdock thistles that I took for the seeds, a perfectly shaped honeycomb that I spied whilst walking with my Hubby, and then on the way to the car, THREE writing utensils in perfect condition. I’ve been picking up feathers again, though trying to be a bit more picky about which ones I keep, as well as for the pens & pencils. I’m seriously turning into one of those crazy ladies that scours the ground for “treasures”. In fact, my sister has started to call me Magpie, which is fine and flattering to me because Magpie Windwitch is my all-time favorite book character!!

I’m considering taking home and caring for the bones of a bird I found dead on the sidewalk a couple of year ago that I moved off the path and buried in a shallow grave of leaves and rocks, and whom I’ve left little offerings for as I’ve walked past. I checked under the rock yesterday and I saw bones, clean looking bones, at that! I’ve done such a thing as collect bones, but the WOFG has instructions on her site on how to clean them properly. It’s a tad inconvenient to collect them, being right near one of the main college buildings, but hopefully during summer session when fewer students are around I can quickly gather them up in a small box. i don’t want any nosy people coming upon me collecting bones at my workplace campus!!

On Wednesday evening, I used my peat thingys to plant a whole bunch of seeds. I am so excited to start having green things growing on the balcony! I planted mullein, wild plantain, milkweed, burdock, dandelion, catnip, spearmint, calendula, lemon balm, true lavender, evening primrose, red poppy, fennel, dill, chamomile, lemon basil, monarda, sugar snap peas, green onion, mesclun, spinach, cucumber, leek, and what I believe to be soapwort and a mystery weed that I’ve dubbed “pink weed” until I can properly identify it. I can’t wait to start seeing little shoots!! Until then, I’ve brought out some of the houseplants to give Vesta some things to stick her nose in. Next time I’m at the pet store for food, I’ll be getting some oat grass seed to plant for her to keep her in chewing heaven all summer ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent Thursday night cleaning my secondary altar with hot water blended with essential oils of lemon, tea tree and bergamot. It felt very good to rearrange things and get it all pretty and shiny. I ran out of steam, but had meant to wash the windows and sills as well, but I just got too tired, so I just washed the table on the balcony and the railings which were covered in bird poop. I never did to do a normal ritual for Ostara, but planting seeds and cleaning up felt as appropriate, if not more so, than sitting at my altar. I do love my altars, however, and I spend far too little time with them. It’s my goal to carve out more time spent meditating, turning inward, listening. Ariel says on one of his episodes, “Don’t make this some big, hard thing.” He recommends keeping a spiritual practice to a minimum of 30 minutes a day (obviously, more if you’d like to and have time) and also heย  warns against using it as something to beat ourselves up with, which is something I’ve fallen into. Feeling guilty about it, and in the process, turning myself off of the whole experience. I’m trying to open my mind, for crying out loud, not close it off!


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