Magic City

My City

There are times I feel a bit disenchanted by the city, feeling magic hard to grasp among so much concrete and glass. Sometimes I’m even completely at odds with city living, loathing the stink and the people and the noise and light pollution, dreaming of having a working hobby farm where we could raise alpacas, goats, chickens and make our own bread, beer, mead, can veggies and jams, craft salves and balms and medicinal vinegars, solar panels on the roof, a rain barrel, ya know, the whole deal. But then there are times I SO click with my city, when I love its dirt and grit, the stale- beer-smelling bars, the crazy people watching, trivia nights at sports bars, walking into anywhere and see a live band, when I can see magic in small things, all around, permeating every living inch of this bustling metropolis. There are many reasons I feel I really need to stay within the city, and so I try to remind myself of all a city has to offer, magically speaking. First of all, we’re lucky enough to not only live in a condo with a balcony (albeit a small one, but it’s still outdoor space, and it faces Northeast so I can see the sun rises to my right and see my river trees to my left and the sun sets reflected in the building windows across from us), but also to have one of the most beautifully landscaped complexes in all of downtown. It’s like its own little park, and there’s even an incredible circle of birch in our courtyard that I fully intend on one day sitting out and enjoying but so far have been lazy and shy about. We live about a block away from the river where there are little parks and lovely scenery spread as far as you choose to walk. One bummer is that it’s kind of a hotbed of mentally ill vagrants, and I seem to be like a honey comb to a bear for mentally ill vagrants, all my life I attract the weirdos. So I tend to avoid doing any solitary work outdoors, it’s just not safe here. Hubby is sweet and patient when I want to leave offerings, he’ll always come with me and protect me while I do my city-forest ju-ju. It’s not the same as being able to spend the time meditating and communing, but hey, it works.

I was just listening to a podcast where they discussed bringing The Crossroads inside, which I thought was an awesome idea. I’ll have to re-listen to it and take a few notes for myself. I’m not necessarily in any rush to do crossroads work, but I like the idea of bringing the outside in when necessary. I try to incorporate the Elementals into my work, but if feels kind of cut off. I’m trying to find ways to make it feel rich, and whole. Without having to worry about being attacked or arrested or harassed if I go to the river where I can be with land, sea and sky. This spring I’d like to incorporate a fire/water feature and an earth/air feature, and hopefully I can then work with that. I’m so excited for Spring! And true spring, not just this extremely unusual winter that we can’t count on. We could still get snow, and lots of it, any time!

Here’s a quick snap shot of a creativity spell I just came up with. Stuff like this you don’t need no country livin’ for! You can just find pinecones anywhere and there you go! I just recently sat down and wrote out a whole bunch of my own spell and chant ideas, it was awesome! I almost feel like when I do crafts that relate to my Craft, they feel right, they mean something. When I’m just trying to work on things with no intention, that’s when I seem to get frustrated and fall apart. My Big Book of Woo Woo is filling up quickly with all kinds of ideas!!

My cool pinecone spell!


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