Spiders & Stonehenge

I recall part of my dreams last night, and also had a waking vision this morning. The part of the dream I can recall was me visiting a women’s bathroom, and there was a bunch of stalls and then one really nice stall that was its own powder room with toilet and a large door that closed to the bottom. For some reason, I did not close the door, but right before I started to pee, a woman with a younger boy came in, and as I went to close the door, the boy came over and tried to use my stall. I told him I was in there and that I would be done in a moment, he got bratty and argumentative, and finally I had to pee so bad I just said, “Fine, come in, but I’m peeing first, you can have it when I’m done. Sit over there.” So the boy, who had red hair and whom I did not recognize, sat on a lovely, green couch that reminded me of my grandparent’s couch. I looked down at the wad of toilet paper in my hand, and there was a kind of seed wrapped up in it. I fiddled with it and ended up prying it open, and suddenly tons of ants came crawling out of it, and there was brown liquid inside of it. They were swarming all over the floor and my legs. Suddenly, there were three tiny little grey spiders that came out and landed on my leg as I panicked and screamed. I think there was an earlier part of the dream where someone had lost their legs or something, and tt seemed the floor was covered in blood. I also dreamed of a woman I used to work with at the paper company, Judy S.

As I came awake, and realized I was awake, I wondered what time it was. As I laid there wondering, suddenly my mind’s eye became very clear, a vision, I call it because I am watching a scene that I can actually see. First, I could see a tiny, very fluffy and cute kitten sitting on (again) what looked like my grandparents green couch. It was blinking and sleepy, and looking directly into the “lens”, as it were. Then I had the sensation of flying over a great stretch of land that had what looked like a castle upon it, and there were beautiful grounds, trees, and enormous hedges all around. It felt like I was in a helicopter hovering above and flying fast. Then I could what looked like Stonehenge (or a similar stone circle, maybe that new one they just discovered–this one was vast!) and I was floating all around the scene, as if in orbit around it, and as I orbited around it, the sun rose and set and the moon rose and set, and I could see how the light and shadows hit the stones and everything around it for each point in the day and night. It was exhilarating, and I tried to hold onto the vision, but suddenly it was gone.

I think this is the first time I can recall dreaming of GREY spiders…a balance between light and dark. Hmmm. And the ants were swarming which made me afraid, and swarming bugs are always a dream signifier for me. I was afraid of the spiders, too, that they would bite me or wriggle somewhere they shouldn’t because I was half naked on the toilet. The significance of my grandparents green couch seems important, too…both the dream AND the vision seems to have featured it. The castle seemed familiar to me somehow, almost like it reminded me of my grandparents…

Shit. I hope my grandma is ok. I’ve got to call my dad.


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