Last night I started Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone and fired up my tiny crocks. I shaved some beeswax into my hemorrhoid balm and let that melt for a couple of hours. I decided to get some rosemary & thyme lip balm steeping in the other crock. Then I mixed up a few spearmint mouth rinses, one citrus body oil, a very interesting and gorgeous anise, mint & wormwood sugar scrub, bath salts with lavender, hops and rose petals. I had some of the herbs left over in my BRAND NEW MORTAR & PESTLE FROM HUBBY (!!!!!!!!!) that I mixed up a creamy coconut deodorant using the lavender, hops and rose petals with some clary sage essential oil that smells wonderful! I used some this morning and love it!! Today after we run some errands, I may make more sweet warming salve, wild plantain salve and rosemary hair tonic. I may also try to craft some sticky sweet hair removal cream for those sensitive bits šŸ™‚ I have to burn some of my ancestor incense for L’Ma today in my new TINY CAST IRON CAULDRON also from HUBBY!!!! He rocks, doesn’t he?? I love this man, I just love and adore him!!!!!!

I’ll try to get some photos up of my potions, mortar & pestle and awesome tiny cast iron cauldron!


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