For The Birds

It’s butt-cold here, so for the past couple of days I’ve left some bird food out on the balcony in an old planter with some soil and dead plant material, which is a big no-no in our condo association. Well, I take that back. The rules say, “no bird feeders” and I have no bird feeders out there, although I do feed the birds in the winter. I used to feed them year round, but the mess in the summer was horrible, and the birds got so bossy we could hardly sit out there! They’d hover at the window staring at us, flapping as if to say, “Get out here and refill the food!” It was adorable, but I didn’t want to attract too much attention to our balcony full of persistent feathered ones. So today I came home and saw NINE puffed up little chickadees sitting on the railing! NINE! All the food has been picked through, and they’re just hanging out, waiting for more! They sure got my number.

I have to say, if I’ve not mentioned it here yet, that I had a nice summer full of crows. The crows are everywhere around here, and they seemed to start getting closer and closer, and I soon saw that a few of them would perch in the next door tree to sleep at night. I was pleased as punch to see those black feathers hunkering down right close to my little condo!! So exciting! Several times I’d be reading or writing out on the balcony and a huge cawing crow would land or leap off the rooftop right above me. I just love the crows! And I am SO tempted to flat out break the rules and purchase a hummingbird feeder next spring. I TWICE saw hummingbirds out here this summer, once the little thing just floated right in front of me and stayed there a good while. It was totally cosmic. And I might point out that just about every other unit breaks some rule or another (grills on balconies, welcome mats or shoes in hallways, bikes on balconies, etc.), and I’ve seen plenty of bird feeders hanging around, so pfffffpthhhhtt. Plus, no other bird is going to go after a hummingbird solution, much less get their faces into the tiny spout. I can’t imagine a squirrel or pigeon would even be interested or able to get the solution, and that’s really what they’re worried about attracting with feeders is the squirrels and pigeons.

On another note, I haven’t been brewing up as much stuff because I was hideously ill for a couple of weeks, so I’m just getting back into the swing. I had roller skating last night (Dan started clapping furiously and yelling, “You’re back! R’s BACK!!!” when I walked in. I can’t say I’ve ever felt more welcomed into a group of people than I do at skating. I’m all verklempt!) and it was good to catch up on that. Tonight may be for potion making! I’ve got gifties for Yule to think about, and though I’m trying to get away from gift-giving at work (not that I don’t enjoy my co-workers, it just gets prohibitively expensive to buy for so many people), I’d still like to make some small gifties to my main peeps. I do really love making potions and salves and salts and sugars and oils and oatmeal scrubs. I just adore it!! In fact, I think I may get started on that now while I’ve still got some energy 🙂


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