I took the day off and am celebrating Samhain by myself. I made a big fuss over my altar, and was pleased with the result. I dressed in a long, black, wrinkle-free fabric sheath dress that made me feel taller and more svelte than I am, tied my sparkly black and sheer white Witchy apron that my sister gave me, put black and orange ribbons in my hair, goofy batty earrings, one white and one orange plastic spider rings and an elegant black, red and silver necklace that I made a long time ago but never wear. I wore my dragonfly Asian-style slippers and my gorgeous, light pink kimono that is accented with the most beautiful springy green peacock fabric to start the ceremony. I did my grounding and centering, then my Orb of Light trance induction, then cast my spiral with my athame. I did a little ritual dancing to get some energy flowing, then sat for a bit speaking out loud but not feeling any presences. I called to G, asking what I need to know at this time, and I felt the urge to dance some more, so I did. I danced for pretty much my whole ritual. Then I ate the offerings (I make my offerings to deity through my body) which were honey with cream, and a slice of the most delectable McIntosh apple pie that I made last night. I had mead in the flask, but I didn’t drink any. Then I wrote in my shell journal for awhile, detailing out what was on my altar so I’d remember. I also remembered to take photos this time! I wrote out the names of my deceased ancestors and pets and placed them around my altar. When I started getting shaky, I decided it was time to close things down, eat lunch and take my other offerings outside for a nice walk. I had seven pinecones that I coated in vegetable shortening and birdseed, an apple cut up, a small bottle of my homemade underworld offering to pour at a crossroads. The day is perfectly October, so I only wore a sweatshirt and capri-length jeans as I walked. It is sunny and smells of clean air and crispy leaves. I left the pinecones and apples around a small grove of trees near the newspaper building that is actually a wonderful little park and thankfully had no vagrants loitering around (as my normal circle of river trees did). Then I walked along the river, watched some ducks and lots of construction that is happening across the river where I was married to my King, but I kept moving as it always seems eerie when I’m walking alone. I poured my offering of dandelion water at a natural crossroads on a smallish dirt path, then walked down to the little park that was newly built. When I heard what sounded like human scuttling down along a hidden path, I decided to turn around and head home.

My Samhain Altar

Here’s a full view of my altar. I’ve got a little iron thingy that my sister gave me with decorative lights all over it, so I wrapped the little skeleton lights around it, and added some orange lights over the altar itself. I’ve got my libations, my scrying bowl is filled with a spirit offering potpourri pellet simmering, I have my giant awkwardly shaped stang propped next to the altar, and below that is a basket with a pumpkin, apple and squash. My tools included my wooden hip sword, athame (which is a just a fancy letter opener), my polymer clay pentacle, and scrying bowl. I set out a wolf and dragon figurine, an air plant, a feather, a mini stang & bundle of dandelion leaves in a clay pot my mom made, a tiny half-shell, my tarot cards, my working wand (as I call it), a fancy key and smokey quartz necklace I made, my spirit candle on top of a fireproof plate thingy that I made in ceramics years ago, a little purple velvet purse that I made and appliqued with beads a gorgeous tree of Gondor, two genie bottles (fire and water), a photo of an eagle, a necklace with a bell that I use in ritual for helping create sacred space. My offerings of cream and honey are in the little white cup with handle that my mom made, and the apple pie is on a china plate that once belonged to my husband’s grandparents in an absolutely stunning pattern called Lorelei (the name of which has special meaning to us, making it the cooler!) You can see all around the little strips of black paper with my deceased loved one’s names written on them, silver ink for females, gold for males.

The whole thing is a bit busy, which is not how I usually like my altars, but I had fun with it, and it all felt right. I usually like things pretty symmetrical and have a focal point on which I build from, but this one didn’t turn out that way. I adore my little light up skeletons, so I left them up! Happy Hauntings!!

Pumpkin, Apple & Squash

Skeleton lights

Close up of altar


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