Walk In Cold

Last night I used my newest incarnation of Strength In Sight dream oil, and I had incredible dreams. Did I stay awake at 5:30 when my internal clock woke me up? No. I returned to bed in order to finish what felt like an unfinished journey. And it seemed that the journey continued where it had left off, went on and on and on for another three hours. Did I journal them in time? No. These incredible, meaningful dreams disappeared into the mist of morning. I will do the same tonight, get to bed earlier so it will be easier to stay awake tomorrow morning. I’ve become incredibly lazy and I know there’s a sneaking depressive quality about it that I need to watch out for. I’ve gotten bad about taking care of myself, bad about cleaning the condo, bad about doing things I enjoy, or doing them and getting no joy, only frustration, from them. I know what I need: more solitude, more meditation, more time for self care, and all of these things with zero guilt.

This has been a strange night that has led me from Omnia to Minor Threat to Naked Raygun to Television to Patti Smith. This trip rock song by Patti totally shoves me back to drug head days, so amazing how a song can bring you back to a moment, a feeling, a whole universe that you’ve left so long ago:

(It’s funny that they have a photo of The Ramones mistaking Joey for Patti 🙂 Tee hee!)


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