I cannot express how much I adore Ansuya and Rachel Brice. Here’s why:
Ansuya shakin’ her serious shimmy to Oojami:

Rachel Brice’s unparalleled chops:

They don’t call her The Snake Lady for  nothing:

The lovely Indigo:

I’m in deep smit with the tribal style belly dance, I just love it. There is apparently some catty fights that go on between different belly dance troupes about styles which I think is absolutely juvenile and silly. I’m convinced that belly dance is best observed in small settings like these lovely vids with an ornately decorated room and either a single dancer or the three. Too many starts to get too cluttered, and it’s such a wonderful, intimate kind of dance, the small setting seems to suit it best. I’ve watched a bunch of Ansuya vids where she’s on this enormous stage and she just gets swallowed up by stage. I’m not usually impressed with belly dancers too much these days, but these ladies rock my freakin’ socks! My dad used to perform with a dance and music troupe that had the most incredible trio of belly dancers, and he once hosted a party and they danced in his living room. It was absolutely amazing. It had me awestruck and what the human body is capable of. I remember kind of getting off on the fact that they were flinging sweat all over the place! Ooo-la-la!


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