Hard Days Night

It’s been a tough day, though it got better after returning home after a hard swim and some primal screaming to Minor Threat in the car. Suicidal thoughts kept creeping in, they can be stealthy when I’m at my most angry or weak. The desire to retreat home and hide was powerful, but I forced myself to the pool and swam out my frustrations. We had a lovely dinner together and watched some more Deadwood. I’m addicted to the show, and it’s wreaking havoc on my efforts to reduce my potty mouth (I’ve never known a show to use so many ‘fucks’ and ‘cocksuckers’). I sat out on the balcony a bit with Vesta and was thinking about when Hubby and I were in the Washington DC airport, and as we waited for our plane to taxi in, I had a flash of knowledge and shared it with Hubby, I said, “I know someone on that plane”. I assumed it would be my boss who frequently travels there, but instead, off walks my father. I ran up to him, he introduced me to the man he was with and we said a quick HI, gave hugs and quick goodbyes. I was just relating the whole story to my dad and family at the latest dinner at his place. I’ve gotten so used to his emotional detachedness that it didn’t even sting when he said he had no recollection of even running into me. I guess I just wanted to record that “knowledge” event here because I hadn’t thought of it in awhile. Anyway, onto more lovely thoughts, here’s more music to enjoy 🙂

Here’s a song I just can’t get enough of. It’s called Тръгнала е малка мома (spelled phonetically Tragnala e malka moma):


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