Calamity J

In my dreams last night, the night of my niece’s 8th birthday, Calamity Jane came to me and told me that I should make an herbal tea for my niece’s asthma made from lobelia, coltsfoot and mint. There was much else to this dream that I regretfully cannot recall, but that part I remember writing down in the dark in the middle of the night as the scene woke me. More and more things have been coming to me, silently, but special nonetheless. Feathers I find all over, and also bike reflectors. I’ve been finding reflectors for some time, though never thinking much of it, but picking them up absentmindedly just as well. Washers I’ve always picked up, shiny and round, I seem not to resist them. The feathers are new, though, and now I’m finding different kinds and sizes, and blessed be to have asked AND RECEIVED a feather dropped on Vesta’s green mat out on the balcony yesterday! I’ve found dark black crow feathers, a couple goose feathers, what I think is a turkey feather, a curious striped feather I found this afternoon, and many small black or black and white ones, one that is white at the base and black at the tip…most of them have been made into charms for my wands and stang, and the rest will be soon made into something, maybe a mask, maybe attached to my black satin and toulle sparkly apron from my sister, or maybe a couple stuck into a bowler hat in honor of both Gabriel and Calamity Jane. My guides come to me in strange guises.

Odd things have been happening with animals, too, lately. They look at me square in the eyes, they SEE me. Yesterday it was a horse, sure and true that massive, lovely beast turned it’s black eyes right into mine. In the past weeks it’s been loads of dogs, like clockwork they turn their heads like I’ve never seen or experienced as I approach and silently greet them in my mind, they look at me and respond, it seems. Silently, but I see it in their eyes, the wags of their tails, the intensity of the look. It’s different than normal. Even some birds and I would swear insects have looked at me. I saw a giant, green-golden dragonfly that lingered abnormally long as I fiddled with my iPhone when Hubby and I took a picture of it.


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