Turning, Ever Turning

The clicks on the yearly wheel are snicking into their places every day. The weather is noticeably cooler in the mornings, bringing with it relief and sweetness to my mood. I seem to be morphing into not only an early morning person, but also a fall and winter person! My mood starts to taper into a moody depression starting in July, gets steadily better as the weather gets cooler, and last winter my mood peaked at the first snowfall! There is something very comforting in the death and hibernation of the world that perhaps only a Northern Dweller can fully appreciate and understand. There are plenty here who gripe and moan (and for good reason as life becomes increasingly more difficult in the brutal months), and I do it myself when it’s an exceptionally pain-in-ass winter, like our last. But there’s something about hibernation…needed rest, rejuvenation, slowing down that I think we really need as humans and maybe some warmer climates don’t get to hunker down and tuck in. Sure, they probably slow down in the warmest months of their year, but there’s really something to the calmness of a winter cove, snow covered and twinkling. To me, it’s the very essence of the meaning “comfort food”, as you can slowly roast the meats and root vegetables which help heat your home and fill it with wonderful smells, and mulling wines and ciders and baked breads and pies. I’ve started to appreciate, even adore, winter in a way I think I’d forgotten since childhood. Of course kids love winter because they can just play in the snow and have hot cocoa, they don’t have to drive or deal with vapor freeze and ice storms ruining your vehicle, having their bosses yell at them for being late even though there’s 20 inches of snow on the ground and the freeway is in gridlock. They get to lick icicles, catch snowflakes on their tongues, build igloos, throw snowballs, go sledding, ice skating, etc. Maybe that’s why people want children…it takes them back to that time in a way. Through their kids, they can re-live it but also really appreciate it. Hmmm. Something to be said for that, sure.

The cool mornings are pure bliss. We’ve had just as brutal a summer as our last winter with the humidity making things so oppressive you virtually wouldn’t even seen folks out of doors at all, everyone tucking into the a/c or laying in front of as many fans as they could find. Even one of the baseball games we went to, 10 people were carted away for heat stress and they had people just walking around with misters to spray you down with water. Apparently, our humidity had reached levels with the likes of the Amazon. To have the sun and the cool in the same vicinity is a wonderful thing: so I’m up early to enjoy this. Vesta is out here with me basking in the sun’s rays, and all the plants are perky again. I lost some to the heat, but most have survived or come back šŸ™‚

I’ve been a crafty beaver, and busy! I made all the feathers I’ve been collecting into charms. I’ve gotten a new bug for potions, and I’m no longer purchasing shampoo or conditioner, mouthwash or deodorant. They are amazingly simple and economical to make at home, though I’m still experimenting with a shampoo that will work for my hair. The baking soda/vinegar one isn’t going to work for me; I’ve got to wash my hair too often because I swim, so I need to experiment with a daily clarifying shampoo that won’t fry it. I read about how Epsom salts are supposed to be clarifying for hair, but I’m worried they’ll dry my hair out, too. I’ll give it shot, though. It’s certainly simple and cheap. I did make the most luscious, amazing, wonderfully sexy smelling conditioner though. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make: one can of coconut milk, one avocado. Blend together, pour it into ice cube trays and let freeze. When you want to condition, just pop a cube about an hour (maybe even less, they don’t freeze too solid) to let it soften and there you go!! I condition my hair first as its really oily, then shampoo it out. It left my hair luxurious and sweet smelling all day!

The deodorant has been a fun experiment. I came up with one that I think will be awesome, but I’ve got to re-melt and pour it into bigger molds. The molds I used I’d intended to be kind of sample sized, but are just too hard to manage. I’m going to give a couple bars to my sister and her family to test it out. I think I’ll bring one to work so I can re-apply after my noontime walkies. Making them a little smaller than the huge chunk of LUSH’s Aromarant that I currently use at home will be easier to keep in a tin in my purse. I should go to Michael’s and stock up on tins, if they have them, or I’ll have to get some online. I may also just package them in waxy paper envelopes or something. Hell, even just a tupperware container that snaps shut well. There are many spray varieties that I’m excited to try, too. I may make one of those today for my sister to try. One of the easiest, which is a natural antiperspirant, is sage and water. You just make sage tea and refrigerate it! Easy peasy all-over body spray that I probably could have used earlier this month!!

I’m also going to craft more oils today, and maybe more of my Sweet Warming Salve for Mum. I’d like to make my Harmony Oil, Memory Oil and Personal Oil. Each of these I think I may keep in little necklace charms that I got awhile ago that are perfect for tiny bits of oil, herbs or beads. I made one for my niece for protection that is dedicated to the Spirit Kwan Yin, protector of women and children. The oils are great fun and simple to make. I’ve got some neat little drams in my Amazon.com basket that I’m going to use for magical oils. I’m still debating about a shop on Etsy. While there are several reasons I’d like to start one up (I could seriously use the money, using up excess that I couldn’t possibly use, a fun little shop to keep me busy with something that’s not destructive to me), there are also several reasons why I’m hesitant (laziness, tax worries, I enjoy giving things away for free). A hairdresser friend of mine offered to sell my products in her shop, so I may go that route, but again…could I keep up with demand selling in a retail environment like that as opposed to Etsy where it’s simply selling a product you have, when it sells, it’s gone until you make another one. Either way, I worry about the tax thing, so I’d have to do some research. I like the idea of selling locally, though, and Mandy would certainly help me out with all of it, she knows a lot about this kind of thing. We have several friends who own their own businesses, so they should certainly be able to point me in the right direction.

I’ve decided that projection is just as important as magnetism, and it feels very right to be okay with just doing things and expending my energies outwards during these summer months. Winter is for withdrawal, reflection, inner work. Summer, that’s when it seems the body and mind are meant to be out and about, busy with activity. So I’ve stopped beating myself up for not meditating as much. It’s as if my mind simply will not be forced into stillness. So, no bother. I’m simply going with the flow of things, and right now the flow is active. My dreams have been amazingly symbolic. Some symbols I still have difficulty deciphering, like RC who keeps showing up in my dreams. We have the same sort of adversarial relationship in waking life as we do in my dreams, but in the dreams, I’m supposed to be working it all out….I’m just not sure what she represents to me. If I were to take a stab at it, considering my history with her, I’d say she may represent irresponsibility, shame, jealousy, admiration, aggravation, potential, self-esteem, falseness, hidden truths, competitiveness, femininity & desirability (and my struggles in that department), disappointment in self. I’m still clueless as to how I’m supposed to deal with this hurdle. Ah well, it’ll come in time.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy my recipes!! Happy Saturday šŸ™‚


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