Last night I had very strange dreams, and there’s a nagging inside that tells me they were important messages. I find this cool and interesting, especially considering yesterday’s rant about being myself and needing to learn my own way. The content of the dream was strange, and I’m not quite certain (am I ever certain?!) what the message exactly is. The parts I recalled were vivid: I was with some people (G, Katie, Ashley, and others I can’t see) and we were traveling to places to collect wild herbs, and our vehicle was a strange dome thing that would open up into an amphitheater (it looked like Patrick Starfish’s home in Spongebob) and it would take you anywhere in space or time. You simply had to think of where you wanted to be and it would open up and be there. I remember vividly wild collecting Mullein leaves, I could feel them and smell them, and I was telling my companions what I used mullein for. There was another part where I was with Ashley at her school, and we were running around the hallways which were painted a swirly blue and white. She had a large dog that was hers in the dream and the dog was so wild it was hard to keep an eye on her. Suddenly, Ashley disappeared and my boss, DJ, showed up out of nowhere. He pressed on a small spot on the dogs’ back side which triggered the dog to start humping the air. I asked if the dog was neutered, and he said, “Yes, but it doesn’t matter.” He then handed me a bucket (presumedly with her scent in it) and told me to fill it with water and wash all the walls with it. I did, and the dog calmed down immediately. DJ said, “You can do this with any dog” and strode out of the room.

It was strange because the bit with the dogs’ scent….what is that? What does it refer to? Is it a literal interpretation or figurative? The way DJ was acting and speaking in the dream is exactly like other “important message” dreams and how they manifest to me, but it’s so nonsensical! I wonder if it refers to my own sexual problems, repressing my desires out of intense guilt. It would seem to have something to do with that; he triggers her sexual instincts, we smear the pheromones all the place and she’s a more relaxed dog after that? Hmmm, great. That means that I’m the dog in the dream and my BOSS is the symbolic helper with this?!?!?! Ughod, well, whatever. At any rate, the collecting of herbs seems straightforward enough. I take that to mean I really do need to get my butt down to the river flats and do some wild collecting of those beautiful great mullein leaves!!!

Yesterday we finally bottled my mead! My first batch of mead!!!! I did not expect it to taste as it did, but when I think of it, it’s EXACTLY how I wanted it. It’s not too sweet, kind of dry and strong. It smelled like whiskey when we were syphoning it into the bottling bucket, I couldn’t believe how strong it smelled. I can’t find the original gravity reading, but the final one was .995, which is WAY stronger than anything I’ve ever seen. I had about 4 shots of it and was feeling pleasantly toasted. One gallon made 5 bottles, so I’ll be set for quite awhile. I may give some away, but it seems like most people want a sweet mead, so I’m not sure that my mead-loving friends would like this one. It was a gorgeous, silky, golden yellow color and perfectly clear! I am so proud of our brewing adventures, it’s so fun to brew with my hubby 😉

I haven’t been blogging much lately (and I’m still finding pens and pencils everywhere, which I take as a sign that I should be) so I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I made a whole ton of incense pellets and a special herbal spray for spirits. I was invited to a ghost hunting expedition August 6th, and since I’m not so much about the “hunting” or “proving” part of the trip and more about learning to communicate with spirits, I asked if I could bring some incense and ask specific questions. I may even tell them to go ahead without me into to the school because I really want to set up a static circle to work in. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hear the spirits or see them or not. I’ve only had dealings with two deceased spirits, one was the succubus I’ve already blogged about: I could see her and feel her, but to my knowledge she never spoke to me, and the other was my grandpa who was just moving stuff around (slammed the door, squeaked on the bed, turned the TV way up, etc) and scared my cousin and I to flee the house and run all the way to the mall to find our grandmother!! But that’s just like him, I know he was probably peeved about something and maybe was trying to yell at us, but since we couldn’t see or hear him, he had to manipulate other physical items instead. But anyway, I’m so excited about my stash!! I think I may start putting stuff up on Etsy, and I may donate some of it to the local pagan center which is in dire need of donations (money and incense for their spirit shrine). I’ve never been to the center, but I like knowing there’s places I could go if I wanted to, so I want to get over there maybe today or tomorrow to make a monetary donation and see if they’d be interested in my incense pellets. Plus, it will break me out of my shell, giving me a reason to check it out 🙂

The liquid scent is absolutely beautiful, and I am SOOOOO excited to try it. I made it especially for these spirits as some of them are children, so I made special note of that including some viola water which I read is supposed to be specific to deceased children. I am a little nervous about going on the excursion because it’s 4 hours away, and they do the investigation overnight, leaving for home at about 4:30 am! Firstly, I am an early bird, so I worry that I’d not be able to stay awake that late. Secondly, dark places with no electricity REALLY trigger my PTSD, so I had to be very up front about that to the team. They’ve assured me that they’re together at all times and if I didn’t feel ok that someone would escort me out immediately, so that’s good. I warned them, too, that I have never done any of this so it’s all new to me. I’ll just be trying things for the first time. I’m confident, though. I think it will be a neat, and necessary, experience.

Today Hubby is off to golf in the afternoon, so I’m going to work on some other types of crafting. Beading, art journaling, book making and the like! It’s been too long since I’ve worked in solitude on my own crafty things 🙂






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