Working, Doing, Being

It’s been awhile since I’ve logged in here to write. I’ve got different blogs for different moods, and lately I’ve been in a Blogger mood, but moreover I haven’t been spending much time on the computer at all. It’s finally sunny here and I intend to be busy this summer enjoying what limited nice weather we are blessed with. It’s Shakespeare In The Park season, and there are tons of nature walks, birding walks and Owl Prowls we want to go to. I’ll be helping Mum care for my niece more this summer to ease the burden of childcare. There’s crafts to be made, wood charms to be burned, beads to be netted, paints to be painted, incense to be crafted, salves to be poured, herbs to be steeped, oil to be infused, journals to assemble, pages to be tea stained to write spells and recipes in. I am having a ball with my hobbies right now! I’ve also gotten my passion for cooking back full throttle, I’m happy to report. I get into cooking ruts, sometimes, but I dug out a few thin cooking mags to stimulate my summer palatte, and it worked! I’ve been excitedly planning meals and making tasty dishes for me and Hubby.

Last night I made the most incredible Fettucine Alfredo that was a “made-over” version so it wasn’t horribly fattening, but it was decadent and delicious! I sauteed onions, mushrooms and asparagus until they were tasty-brown and soft, and the Alfredo sauce was simply chicken broth and 1/3 cup cream cheese melted and thickened. Then to that I added a bunch of leftover salmon from the night before, and it turned out absolutely wonderful. I served it with a leafy salad with a dill-mustard-mayo dressing that I’d whipped up to serve the night before over the salmon. YUM! I recently inherited some springform pans from Mum as I was helping her clean out the garage. They couldn’t have come at a more opportune time; I’d literally just been planning to buy one (she gave me SIX!) so I could make Nigella Lawson’s Guinness Cake. It’s been too hot to bake up until today, so I should run out and get the ingredients before this lovely, cool temperature disappears into the 100s again!! She had two larger sizes and four equally sized little ones that will be perfect for stacking cakes. I can’t wait to make some baked fun!

I’ve also gotten completely and utterly immersed in finding recipes for homemade beauty, hair, cosmetic and cleaning products. It’s my goal to switch to homemade for anything that’s either controversial health-wise to buy factory-made (deodorant, hair products, even toothpaste!), comes in horrid plastic packaging that we just have to spend more energy recycling later (laundry soap, liquid handsoap, shampoo, etc.), or is simply too cheap to make and too expensive to buy (mouthwash, household cleaners, fabric sheets: what a rip off!) Of course, we had just loaded up on all of these items from Costco recently, and it’s not my practice to waste anything, so I’m going to stock up on reusable containers for all of these items to use when I do start making them from scratch. The other thing that’s been bugging me is how we’ve become so reliant on others to provide these things for us, how clueless I was about how to make these items. I don’t want to be so dumb that I don’t know how to can my own food, make my own soap and household cleaners and the like. I want to be knowledgeable about these things so that we can take care of our home in healthy and economical ways. Why make these companies rich when I can do this myself for a fraction of the cost, and not be putting a bunch of shite in my system? Seems like a no-brainer to me 🙂

I’ve come up with an idea for an Etsy shop, so I created my account and I’ll be working on getting some inventory to sell. I was a little nervous at first, but the fact is, we need the money and it’s a perfect way for me to create the things that I love but not getting bogged down with keeping them all. I do not need 20 kinds of salve, but I LOVE making them. Why not share the wealth? My family really likes my stuff and given me great feedback, so why not? I may still give away freebies to close friends, and that may be my first test for little giftie baskets. Ooooo! I’m so excited about this!!!


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