I had another roach dream. I’ve come to associate roach dreams with transformation, resilience, and/or the fear associated with necessary change. In this dream, all of the roaches were dead. There were three heavy set ladies who seemed familiar, yet I don’t recall who they were or any names, who all lived and worked in the same place and they were showing me around, and we kept coming across all these dead roaches. One woman said that she was sitting and typing and a dead roach fell out of her underwear! There were little bits of their wings and bodies all over the place and it seemed that that’s all we talked about. At one point, I was going to my brother in laws (Bill) to watch TV and I had inadvertently brought roach bits in on my shoes. The three ladies….I’m not sure what or whom they represent. They seemed crass and a bit repulsive in their own way; I seem to remember the one complaining about finding the roach in her underwear had actually been sitting at her desk wearing ONLY underwear and eating all the while, dripping crumbs and the like. The place was gross and reminded me of the trashy drug houses I’ve seen.

It seems that usually if the dream signifies great fear, the roaches (or any bugs, really) will be alive and swarming. I had a dream the first night we moved into one of our new apartment where there were thousands of bugs eating my skin off! But this one is the only one I can recall that all the bugs in the dream were dead. I’ve come to place great importance on bug dreams, but especially those involving roaches or spiders. I know I’ve previously discussed my dreams and waking life experiences with spiders, whom I consider one of my strongest creature guides. While I doubt I could ever become a fan of roaches (they do spread disease and aggravate allergies and asthma, after all), they are common and a part of normal life at my workplace (a University). I do not kill them as I am not a fan of killing any thing with legs and eyes, but nor will I accept their presence around me. I’ll try to accept “roach medicine” (as in magic) as it comes, but will honor the roach through artistic means only. No pet roaches or spirit vessels in this house!!


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