A Faire of Trade Secrets

First, I must save this placeholder page for an excellent idea: Potato Printing! I keep wanting to do this as part of my magical drawings and stuff, so this is to remind me:


I also wanted to make a quick note about an amazing dream last night. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the details, but the ones I do recall were cool and important. At one point, I met a person who was both a blonde woman and a brown haired, skinny man who would morph into the other as I stood there. I received no name for this person (bummer), but s/he was showing me a divination technique from these really cool wire shapes. There was a set of wires that all seemed to be shaped somewhat like a human, and they came with a spool of wrapped wire that they cut for tiny jump rings. S/he told me I could just use regular jump rings, but that it’s easier to carry around the spool for those who do traveling divinations (s/he seemed to be part of a band of nomadic gypsies that offered their services and wares at Faires.) I wish I could recall the specifics of this exchange, as I remember it getting very specific, but when I went to write it down, the meanings I learned were gone. The general idea, though, was that it wasn’t like tarot where the wires themselves symbolized different meanings, but rather that the divination of what the wire meant as it is drawn will come to the person. The tiny jump rings stood for something, though…maybe the desired change one wishes to impart to the situation? I’m not sure.

I also seem to remember there was a sword smith there showing me how he forges swords. The last bit I recall is me and Jenny B were walking through the Faire past a didgeridoo player, and as we made our way through I thought that it started to snow, and JB had no shoes on but along the way she finally had some to put on. It was a strange place that I know I’ve dreamt of before. The Faire is a bit like Renaissance and the State Fair put together, but it was darker. In my notes, I used the word “sinister” but that’s not exactly right either, for there is much to be gleaned from the dark shadows, and the Diviner Wo/man and Sword Smithy were both very helpful, although by the feeling of them, I wouldn’t say they were someone you’d take to tea, either. It sort of reminded me of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley (as corny as that may be) meshed together.

All in all, cool as hell!


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