Dream Messages

My dreams have been interesting, but it’s hard to glean what the messages actually are. My sister has very straightforward dreams where the messages always seem to make perfect sense. Mine are odd and seem like hidden treasure that I’ve got to search and search for. I’ve had a couple dreams about our recently deceased kitty, Boo Boo. This last one, I was sitting on our couch, and I kept finding grease spots and little chunks of partially cooked salmon and Boo kept sniffing around the couch. Finally, I got up and took the slipcover off, and there were tons of little chunks of partially cooked salmon inside the couch. I tried to get my  Hubby to help me clean it up, but he wouldn’t. There were also these little scenes of gnomes and plants and gems that I kept rearranging on the floor. That is  how many of my dreams are. I don’t consider these types of dreams important usually, but the fact that this one contained Boo Boo, salmon (isn’t that a symbol of one of the goddesses, or Awen or something??), gnomes, plants and gems make me wonder about this dream. What could it mean?? Finding half-cooked meat…hmmm, maybe half-finished ideas. Something that is not quite manifest that’s been abandoned, maybe? That sounds accurate for me. The plants and gnomes and gems are all earth element symbols. I wish I could remember more.

I went to sleep thinking of spirit allies (I’m reading Christopher Penczak’s Spirit Allies book right now), and I thought of the three names that have come to me either in dreams or in meditation. Some names I didn’t get a chance to write down before they disappeared, but the one’s I remember are Gabriel, Alger, and Fenhemen. Other than Gabriel, I couldn’t find much via the internet on the other two names. Obviously, I have no desire to go to Algers, Africa since it’s a place of war and violence…and I thought it to be the name of a person. It may have meant Alder, which would be easier, but I still maintain that it was meant to be Alger, and that it was the name of a person or entity.

Hmmm. Kooky.


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